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(a full copy of this letter can be downloaded here)

We believe MRI scans are causing serious injuries including paralysis in Covid-19 vaccinated patients.

Patients are showing clear signs of having magnetised particles within them post- vaccination.

The hypothesis is that magnetised lipid nanoparticles within the patient migrate under the huge magnetic fields used within an MRI causing damage on a nanoscale equivalent to multiple shrapnel wounds.

These two key cases have been recorded.

CASE ONE A young mother in her 20s presented to the hospital with metal objects including cutlery sticking to her arms, chest and forehead after the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. She was admitted, and in an attempt to understand the magnetism, was given several MRI scans. Her condition deteriorated and within a week of walking into the hospital, she was unable to move without the use of a walking frame.

CASE TWO A 12-year-old girl who was part of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination trial. She was suffering from partial paralysis, which was resolving, alongside ongoing urinary retention, severe constipation and an inability to take food by mouth leading to the placement of a nasogastric tube. She deteriorated immediately after an MRI scan with contrast and became wheelchair-bound afterwards. Her mother describes the event. "She couldn't walk and then she could, then had MRI with contrast now she's back in a wheelchair and I don't know why.”

TAKING ACTION We realise many will never have heard of vaccine-induced magnetism before, so we advise reading and watching the below.

1 - Post-vaccine magnetism can be seen in this series of short documentaries on the phenomena. 2 - Paper from Luxembourg confirming the vaccine-induced magnetism

3 - Dr Mike Yeadon confirms vaccine-induced magnetism 4 - Dr T makes an urgent call to all health professionals.

Due to the unexplained phenomena, until there is a comprehensive investigation and explanation, we strongly advise that all health professionals check ALL patients for magnetism before referring them for MRI Scans.

We have found that the majority of patients post Covid-19 vaccination show clear signs of magnetism, something that you can easily test within seconds, using a neodymium magnet.

1 - The magnetism is easiest to detect at the site of the vaccination. 2 - Sometimes it can be seen on the upper chest or around the bridge of the nose.

Reminder: If you find magnetism, sending a patient for an MRI scan could lead to whatever particles that are causing the syndrome, to be pulled by the MRI scanner towards the periphery of their body damaging important structures along the way. This could be extremely serious in the case of brain imaging.

Traditionally no one who has even the possibility of the tiniest of metal fragments should be going into MRI scanners as seen in the guidance as quoted here.

QUOTE: “...If you have a bullet or any other metallic fragment in your body there is a potential risk that it could change position and possibly cause an injury....” To see the power of the MRI on metal objects see this video

UK GOV MRI Guidelines. If you have found your patients to be suffering the newly discovered adverse event of vaccine-induced magnetism, please report this and all other adverse reactions, to the Covid-19 Yellow Card Scheme.

As there is not a defined category for vaccine-induced magnetism, so we suggest filing under ‘foreign body.’

Please sign this expert’s petition calling for an urgent investigation. For non-health professionals, we have a people’s petition here.

Each day in England, we estimate 200 people exhibiting magnetism post-Covid-19 vaccination are having an MRI scan.

We urge everyone to present this alert to their GPs for their consideration.

Reference links, news and updates can be found here:

A PDF version of this letter can be found here.

The below is an affidavit that you can request your GP (or any professional) to sign as a witness for any future need in time.

We suggest getting two copies signed.

One for the GP and one for the person presenting.

Download the full letter and Affidavit below

210722. MRI warning++Affidavit
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Please bear in mind the above are preliminary observations and hypotheses and require full and proper investigation.

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