On a personal note, since viewing the images sent in, I've immediately purchased a water distiller.


Although I've used basic water filters for ages, I'd been looking at distillers this year and had discussions within our NOTB chat groups, yet had not made the leap to buy one.

After seeing the images I'm buying one myself and encouraging for family.

A water filter will most probably not handle these particles - and I'm personally not taking the risk.

A distiller, like one used properly for alcohol, should guarantee purity.

UPDATE: The fibres don't make it through the distiller. We have no idea but the gel-looking substance.

Salts and sugars do need to be added back. I'll look into this and post information in the coming days.


  • Made of steel & glass (better than plastics. Hot water and plastics are a bad combo)

  • Auto-off switch (many boil dry and become hard to clean)

  • Great prices. Currently discounted

  • Good reviews


Even better, after choosing this company, I discovered they pay a commission to friends.

So, if you buy a water distiller by this company on this link (or any on this page) the affiliate commission will support my work with Not On the Beeb! :)

Thank you.


White Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Collection Jug

Was £189.99 Now £134.97


Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Polycarbonate Jug

Was £180 Now £124.97


White Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Collection Jug

Was £180 Now £124.97


White Stainless Steel Water Distiller With Polycarbonate Jug

Was £170 Now £109.97


This is a good budget option,
Distiller Only

Was £150 Now £99.97