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Officially I am a Writer-Director, screenwriter, author. 

I dropped all these ambitions once I realised that I had to act.

Freedom, basic human rights and averting genocide obviously way more important than any career.

I was 2-3 weeks off finishing a novel when on the 8th August 2020 I realised that I needed to drop everything and fight for the lives of those who were too young, vulnerable, aged or simply too hypnotised to realise what was happening.

On the 29th of August 2020 at the first major London protest, I made my first FB live stream using a mobile phone. By that evening the footage had had 29,000 views which were comparable to the size of the actual live crowd.

The footage was prearranged to be given to Del Big Tree's High Wire. Their re-streaming of the footage in the USA (there had not been a  US protest at that point), netted an estimated 1m views on their channel and 300k more via their social media. 

Mid streaming, The High Wire Producer asked me if I could get Del a platform to speak at the event The organisers quickly linked up Del to speak live.

I needed a name very quickly.

For years, I'd tagged social media posts with "As not seen on the BBC".

Not On The Beeb was born

'Not On The Beeb' was founded to counter the lack of real news from the world's freedom movement and to feature medical information lacking in the mainstream media.

Feel free to contact me.



3 Seconds in Bogotá

'3 Seconds in Bogota' is my debut into the world of books. .


2 by 2
To mark the centenary of the 1915 Armenian Holocaust, 10 directors from 10 countries were each funded to make a film with the hope of nurturing peace between the Armenian & Turkish peoples. 

I was greatly honoured to be able to make '2 by 2' as the British contribution to the project.

'2 by 2' has so far featured in the official selections of 42 festivals, has won 19 awards and is currently screening worldwide.


Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight was my debut short film, shot in the stunning old fishing village of Villa Joyosa in Spain.
The dialogue-free film premiered at the prestigious Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

The first award was for Best Director at Hollywood's Feel Good Film Festival which was an extra special honour for me as it was based at Raleigh Studios – which is where Charlie Chaplin, a personal hero of mine, first set up United Artists in the 1920s. 

The film went on to have 196 official selections spanning 50 countries and was the winner of 76 awards. 

A 35mm print of the film is now preserved in the BFI's national archive.



I have served on the jury of film festivals in the United Kingdom, France and Hollywood.

I am a member of the WGGB (Writers Guild of Great Britain), Alli and Directors UK.


230105-LR - hardback mockup_edited.png

3 Seconds in Bogotá

A travel adventure around South America.

A trip to die for..



Some boys dream of flying

Others save up to buy wings...


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70+ films, interviews and live broadcasts in the name of World Freedom

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