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    A good accountant is worth a million bucks, especially if you're steering a crooked enterprise and running double book keeping. A multitude of sins can be covered up by massaging a few numbers. A clear example of this 'cooking of the books' was highlighted in the documented Vaxxed which via a CDC whistle blower exposed how a little manipluation of the data helped them hide the fact that the MMR vaccine was clearly injuring male children of African descent. A slow but sure public awakening to the reality of the extent of the unexpected deaths in the UK has lead the powers at be to resort to comical excuses as they try to sway public opinion with duff news reports attempting to normalise sudden deaths amongst our youngest, fittest and the general population. In the UK media alone have tried to blame the death rate on people having cold showers, drinking too much tea, doing too much excercise, doing too little, long covid, short covid and spontaneous acts of God. However, as brave professionals like Dr Cartland, MP Bridgen and Campbell have pushed the situation into the spotlight, the powers at be have had to resort to cooking of the books. This is no conspiracy behind closed doors. Seemingly emboldened by the gullability of the British public and lack of critical thinking by the nation's trained and hypnotised so-called 'experts', they are carrying out this sleight of hand in plain sight.


    The following is an interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin shot February 6 2024, at about 7pm. In the building behind us, which is, of course, the Kremlin, the interview, as you will see, if you watch it is primarily about the war in progress, the war on Ukraine, how it started, what's happening, and most pressingly, how it might end. One note before you watch, at the beginning of the interview, we asked the most obvious question, which is why did you do this? Did you feel a threat, an imminent physical threat? And that's your justification? And the answer we got shocked us. Putin went on for a very long time, probably half an hour about the history of Russia going back to the eighth century. And honestly, we thought this was a filibustering technique and found it annoying and interrupted him several times. And he responded, he was annoyed by the interruption. But we concluded in the end for what it's worth, that it was not a filibustering technique, there was no time limit on the interview, we ended it after more than two hours. Instead, what you're about to see seem to us sincere, whether you agree with it or not. Vladimir Putin believes that Russia has a historic claim to parts of western Ukraine. So our opinion would be to view it in that light as a sincere expression of what he thinks. And with that, here it is. Mr. President, thank you. On February 22 2022, you addressed your country in a nationwide address when the conflict in Ukraine started. And you said that you were acting because you had come to the conclusion that the United States through NATO might initiate a, quote, surprise attack on our country. And to American ears. That sounds paranoid, tell us why you believe the United States might strike Russia out of the blue. How did you conclude that?


    meanwhile, in the USA... By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. After a nearly four-year delay, federal Judge Edward Chen on Wednesday heard opening statements in a lawsuit seeking to compel the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prohibit water fluoridation in the U.S. due to fluoride’s toxic effects on children’s developing brains. Fluoride Action Network (FAN) sued the EPA in 2017 — after the agency denied its petition to end water fluoridation under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This week’s trial is the first to challenge the dismissal of such a petition. Other plaintiffs include Moms Against Fluoridation and other advocacy groups and individuals. Fluoride’s neurotoxic effects on children’s brain development were not in dispute during opening statements and in testimony delivered by the plaintiffs’ first expert witness, Dr. Howard Hu, an internist and preventive medicine specialist, with a doctoral degree in epidemiology. Instead, attorneys for both sides faced off over the question of what level of fluoride in the water supply poses a risk to the developing brain of fetuses and children. Full story here:

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  • FILMS - MAGNETISM | Not On The Beeb

    Documentary - Special focus on vaccine-induced magnetism Vaccine-Induced Magnetism Since the start of time, no plant, animal or human has ever been magnetic. Since the vaccination rollout, people are now showing clear and proven magnetic properties. ​ Evidence is pointing towards graphene oxide as the culprit. ​ We are witnessing a crime against humanity on an unprecedented scale. ​ We have: made several short films organised international people and expert petitions petitioned UK government suggested 7 Steps to create an explosion of public awareness are here. designed NOTB affidavit form to get signed by GP, police or witness made an early public warning about the risk of MRI scans we have also warned every GP practice in the country about MRI concerns Film 1 - V accine-induced magnetism - True or False? Film 2 Dr T & NOTB test the public for v-induced magnetism Film 3 Compilation of vaccine-induced magnetism videos Film 4 Dr T's verdict Film 5 Dr T calls all health professionals Film 6 Z&G with a revelation Film 7 The Z&G interview Our non v-induced magnetism are films here >> Film 1 - Not On The Beeb investigates WATCH Film 2 - The Magnet Challenge with Dr T The world is curious - do magnets stick to people after the jab, or is it an illusion? WATCH Film 3 - The ultimate compilation of magnet videos 100s of people prove the magnet challenge in this compilation. WATCH Film 4 - Magnetgate - the agenda and mechanism exposed. Genocide. Watch. Think. Act. WATCH Film 5 - Urgent Call to Health Professionals WATCH Film 6 - Zach & Gwen WATCH Film 7 - The Zac and Gwen Interview WATCH

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