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Petition signed by health professionals and experts requesting an urgent investigation and analysis of the C19 Vaccines

This petition is for Doctors, Nurses, Health professionals and Scientists
If you are not a health professional, please sign he people's petition here

To the British Police, Judiciary, Crown Prosecution Service and Members of Parliament.


As the concerned health professionals of Britain and the world, we request the British police seize multiple sample vials of the various vaccines and conduct a public and independent detailed analysis of the contents.

This petition backs the work of lawyers Lois Bayliss and Philip Hyland working alongside Dr Samuel White, Mark Sexton and team submitting evidence under Hammersmith Police crime number:  6029679/21


1 - Why are so many people suffering adverse events and death after COVID-19 vaccinations?

2- Why are so many of our fittest sportspeople collapsing and suffering myocarditis, heart attacks and death post-vaccination?

3 - Why have the vaccine manufacturers withheld ingredients? Undisclosed ingredients are illegal and involve the deception of the public

4 - Why have independent scientific reports of Graphene Oxide and other contaminants not been publically investigated?

5 - Why are the batches of the vaccine clearly different?  As per VAERS data, 100% of all adverse reactions can be attributed to 5% of the batches. This clearly indicates suspect manufacturing.

6- With all these doubts concerning safety, why is the vaccine rollout continuing in British schools?​

I, the undersigned, request the British police seize samples of the vaccine and instigate an urgent public scientific review, regarding the safety, legitimacy and ethical implications of the ingredients and the biotechnology that are causing widespread serious adverse reactions post-COVID-19 vaccination.

I also request an immediate injunction on the vaccine programme - most especially for our children - until we have clear answers from the aforementioned police investigations.