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Vaccine Injunction 

We are calling for an injunction to pause the vaccine rollout due to the following questions.

1  - Why are so many people suffering adverse events and death after COVID-19 vaccinations?

2 - Why are so many of our fittest sportspeople collapsing and suffering myocarditis, heart attacks and death post-vaccination?

3 - Why have the vaccine manufacturers withheld ingredients? Undisclosed ingredients are illegal and involve the deception of the public

4 - Why have independent scientific reports of Graphene Oxide and other contaminants not been publically investigated?

5 - Why are the batches of the vaccine clearly different?  As per VAERS data, 100% of all adverse reactions can be attributed to 5% of the batches. This clearly indicates suspect manufacturing

We have two petitions running, calling for urgent analysis.

Have you been injured by a C19 Vaccine?

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