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Dr T & V-induced magnetism

22 min   |   English  |   Mark Playne

The world is curious - do magnets stick to people after the jab, or is it an illusion?


We take Dr T to a London Park to ask random people to take part in the Magnet Challenge.


Please replicate this experiment in your local town, cafe, bar or with family.


To make your own Magnet Challenge:


Use a chrome -coloured Neodymium magnet (keep small magnets away from young kids!)


Buy this type as seen here.

(Bigger and smaller ones will also work):


Search for "Neo Magnets" 


Try on people with an mRNA vaccine e.g. Pfizer & Moderna. (AZ vaccine does not attract magnets in our experience.)


If a good attraction is felt, try with small metal objects.


- Video the result, and please send to Not On The Beeb

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