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Freedom Smiles


Introducing our latest range of smiley face t-shirts and hoodies designed to celebrate the freedom that we defend and fight for.

The smiley face has long been a symbol of happiness and positivity, and we believe that these are the essential components of freedom defying the fear-inducing propaganda of recent years.

At its core, freedom is about the ability to live life on your own terms, to be happy and fulfilled, and to pursue your dreams and life without interference. And what better way to express this sentiment than with a bright, cheerful smiley face on your t-shirt?

The smiley face is more than just a symbol of Freedom, however. It also represents the power of positivity and the strength that comes from an optimistic outlook. When we approach life with a positive attitude, we are more likely to achieve our goals, overcome obstacles, and enjoy our freedom to the fullest.

So, whether you're marching for Freedom, social justice or simply enjoying a day in the sun, our smiley face t-shirt is the perfect way to connect with the spirit of Independence.

Order your smiley face t-shirt today and  know you are supporting the work of Not On the Beeb. Celebrate our freedom and spread happiness wherever you go!

Guy model rec smiles.png

20th March 202

Flash back to the day Freedom Smiled upon us all as 100k filled the streets of London

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