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- What are the believed benefits of Black Seed Oil?
- Could Black Seed Oil be the Ivermectin replacement?
- Can Black Seed help with C19 symptoms?
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Black Seed supports a healthy digestive system, immune system,  cardiac processes and sleep.

It also supports the overall health of the kidneys, the hormone system, and the skin due to vitamin E, sterols, sterolins, and vital omega-3s, -6s, and -9s.

N. sativa has been traditionally used for the treatment of a variety of disorders, diseases and conditions pertaining to the respiratory system, digestive tract, kidney and liver function, cardiovascular system and immune system support, as well as for general well-being[2],[9].


Avicenna refers to black seeds in the “The Canon of Medicine”, as seeds stimulate the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness. Black seeds and their oil have a long history of folklore usage in Indian and Arabian civilizations as food and medicine[11],[23].


The seeds have been traditionally used in Southeast Asia and Middle East countries for the treatment of several diseases and ailments including asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, and related inflammatory diseases.

Its many uses have earned Nigella the Arabic approbation ‘Habbatul barakah’, meaning the seed of blessing.

A tincture prepared from the seeds is useful in indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dropsy, amenorrhoea,  and in the treatment of worms and skin eruptions. Externally the oil is used as an antiseptic and local anesthetic.

Roasted black seeds are given internally to stop the vomiting.


North American herb and Spice Black seed oil is the finest, cold-pressed, Mediterranean oil available.
It naturally contains between 0.75 and 0.8 per cent of the active ingredient Thymoquinone, never standardised.
o synthetics added.

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