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Application to Parliament to debate V-induced magnetism

Since the start of time, no plant, animal or human has ever been magnetic.
Since the vaccination rollout, people are now showing clear and proven magnetic properties.

We have a very good idea why…

This crime against humanity is the biggest story of the 21st century.

Lawyers have said proof of undisclosed ingredients can trigger an injunction to stop the rollout.
Undisclosed biotechnology will cause international outrage.

We have made 5-6 films now under the banner of Not On the Beeb that have gone viral worldwide with well over a million views, triggering the #magnetchallenge hashtag.

All the films are here:.

The establishment's response

  1. The BBC have responded alongside the NHS trying to ban the Neodymium magnets under the excuse they are a risk to children.

  2. There is now a major disinformation campaign to discredit the phenomena.

  3. The magnet challenge hash tag is now suppressed on FB, Insta, Youtube and more.

We made the application below for a UK parliamentary petition calling for government action on the issue of vaccine-induced magnetism.

UK Parliament Petition Application

TITLE: Review the effect of C19 vaccinations inducing magnetism.

REQUEST: We request an urgent public parliamentary review regarding the safety, legitimacy and ethical implications of the ingredients and biotechnology that are making people magnetic post C19 vaccination.

REASON: It is a medically established fact that thousands of British citizens have discovered parts of their bodies have become magnetic after receiving one of the Covid vaccinations.
The disclosed ingredients contain water, sugar, salts and fats.

None of these ingredients are magnetic.

Undisclosed ingredients are illegal.

Undisclosed biotechnology involves the deception of the public.



Dear Mr Playne

Sorry, we can’t accept your petition “...Review the effect of C19 vaccinations inducing cellular magnetism..."
We cannot publish petitions that contain false or unproven statements.
This includes unsubstantiated claims that Covid-19 vaccines make people magnetic.
You can read an article debunking these claims here:
You can read an article debunking these claims here:
We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards:


The Petitions team - UK Government and Parliament…"



The UK civil servants have denied a medically proven fact and are behaving no better than the flimsy Facebook fact-checkers we are all suffering.

The Reuter's (once one of the world's most respected media outlets)  link does not even refer to magnetism – instead it refers to claims of emitted EMFs.
Simply put, the UK Gov and media are suppressing this major issue of international concern.

To understand the importance of what is happening, check some of these links.



We need to verify that people are suffering various levels of magnetism post-vaccination with a tsunami of expert testimony and verification, via doctors, MPs and legal professionals that will then lead to the action that will halt the programme.


The clock is ticking.


UK parliament goes into recess, closing on the 22nd July and not opening until September.

By then there will most likely be an 'alpha-omega' or 'Grimsby Growler' variant (we should have a sweepstake on guessing the name!) that will cover for the new 'flu season' and increased vaccine deaths justifying a September lockdown

Then this will be too late.


These are the basic steps

  1. Replicate the magnet challenge using NEODYMIUM MAGNETS

  2. Register your eye-witness account


Seeing is believing. Present the evidence of magnetism in person to these key professionals that can take this to the next level, asking each to sign a witness statement

  1. MEDICAL - Prove the magnetism to your GP or A&E in person and make sure you and/or they fill in the YELLOW CARD REPORT

  2. POLITICAL - Prove the magnetism to your MP by showing them in person.

  3. LEGAL - Prove the magnetism at your local Police station and report a crime.

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