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I think we'd all agree on the answer.

Here is a new petition to support.

"Require MPs and parliamentary candidates declare any links with lobbying groups.

We want MPs and parliamentary candidates to be required to declare any links with lobbying groups. This must be provided alongside and in addition to the existing requirements that parliamentary candidates declare the party they stand for, and MPs declare financial interests.

Declaration of any previous, current or planned association with any lobbying organisations (public or private) must include but not be limited to any form of: affiliation, attendance, training, graduation or actual membership.

We believe the British Electorate have a legitimate expectation of being made fully aware of all current MPs and parliamentary candidates associations with lobbying groups. These associations could influence the actions of current and future MPs, and this information should therefore be available to inform the voting decisions of the British electorate."

Please sign and share very widely:

Note: All MPs will be emailed to ensure that they are made aware that this Petition focuses on any associations with the World Economic Forum and Common Purpose (neither of which can be specifically named in the wording of a Parliamentary Petition). Do email your own MP yourself with the petition link to let them know that this Petition focuses on associations etc with the World Economic Forum and Common Purpose.

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Apr 03, 2023



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