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Do we need a water distiller? I’m in two minds.

  • On one, hand distillers are noisy and use a lot of electric.

  • On the other hand, we need clean water and distillers deliver this.

The question really is do we need to clean our tap water and if so, what is the best method? The ideal scenario is drinking spring water direct from the source. You might be surprised to find you have spring close to you. Collecting water directly from the source means it will also be 'structured', meaning it is highly bioavailable which means it also has healing qualities. The next best is bought spring water, but you must check the producer. I personally would not trust any bottle produced by the conglomerates. We tested two brands of water across two nations, bottled directly from independent springs. We found them both contaminated by the same fibres. Both brands are owned by the same swiss food/coffee corporation. Fibres that we believe are most probably hydrogel-filled carbon nanotubes. Dr T also found the same fibres in the blue surgical face masks as shown in these videos. The good news is that the fibres are large, almost visible to the naked eye and easily caught by water filtering. Our basic tests confirmed filtering did get rid of these fibres. Other than acquiring trusted spring water, the next best option is probably the top-end and highly-priced Berkey water filters. These work well and are affordable to run once you’ve paid the initial £400 or so cost to buy one. However, some doubt their efficiency and the cheaper alternatives have mixed reviews. However, this might be due to copies being sold on amazon and ebay so don't buy a Berkey there! (more on Berkey in upcoming emails) Jug filters are definitely better than not using them. But they are not totally effective. Even the admired 'Zero' filter failed to eliminate fluoride in tests run by Mike Adams. As he said previously: "...Fluoride is an extremely difficult element to work with due to its high reactivity (which is one reason why you probably shouldn't drink it). It is also very difficult to remove from water..." What about tap water? Tap water is far from pure, made worse by the toxic chemicals that have been added to ‘clean’ it.

Roland Gilmore sent this detailed run down on the state of UK tap water.

Hi Mark

There are a number of problems with mains "drinking water" quality that followed on from the government selling off these monopolies. At privatisation, The Drinking Water Inspectorate was formed. Sounds reassuring however; DWI cannot tell water companies what to test for. It is in the water company's gift to decide what they test for. I did an FoI request some years ago on this subject and that was the response. My request was centered around agricultural chemical runoff including glyphosate and the two most common pesticides. Back in the early 2010s there was an EU proposal to require water companies and municipalities to remove pharmaceutical residues from drinking/potable water. As you should know, any new EU Directive must be agreed by all member states. The Water Companies said that it would add £80 a year to domestic bills. The UK Government objected on the grounds of cost and so, the Directive was never adopted. The situation with contaminated mains water is probably at its worst in London. Most of London's drinking water is abstracted from the non-tidal Thames to the west of the city at Hampton. Upstream there are 125 sewage treatment works that discharge to the Thames. Sewage treatment processes do not break down pharmaceutical residues such as estrogen from the millions of women taking birth control pills, metformin from those with diabetes and powerful cancer drugs. Scientific research has shown that estrogen in particular is leading to aquatic organisms in the river (and tributaries) changing gender and fish becoming hermaphrodites. There are also problems with high levels of phosphates and nitrates. The only plant extracting phosphates is at Reading. It is commercially successful. As you point out, distillation is expensive because of the energy required. Activated charcoal filters do remove many pollutants but also remove some beneficial, bioavailable nutrients. The only economically sustainable, long term solution is legislation requiring water companies to supply truly wholesome drinking water. Kind regards, Roland Gilmore

PS Cocaine residue has been found in molluscs in the Thames Tideway. Swimming in the Thames is risky, particularly after discharges from Mogden STW (believe it or not, allowed by the Environment Agency). Also, not every sewer overflow is being connected to the Thames Tideway Tunnel (e.g. at Barnes) Rowers at Putney receive alerts from Thames Water when Mogden is releasing untreated water.

Chlorine Chlorine can be filtered out from drinking water, though it also needs to be taken out from shower water. Chlorine can be neutralised by using Vitamin C in shower heads in the same way as pure Vit C powder can be added to water tanks or containers.

Very little is needed. If you can’t get rid of the chlorine before ingesting it, or if you’ve been swimming in a chlorine-rich swimming pool, a high dose of Vitamin C will help the body detox from what has been absorbed. Flouride Flouride is harder to get rid of and many standard tabletop filters fail on this level. Distilling is how we can get guaranteed purity. Water reaches boiling point, the water evaporates leaving the contaminants behind.

The steam, which is pure H20, then is condensed back into pure water. The same trick is used in desalination plants turning seawater into drinking water. Distilled water is also too pure and needs remineralising. The distillers we feature have these winning attributes.

  • Two-year Guarantee

  • Price

  • Can pay in instalments if you still use the dreaded Paypal

  • Auto off-switch

  • Know each purchase via our links donates £20 to the work of NOTB See our unpacking video below and full review of the distillers here.

Unpacking Video

To conclude, there is no perfect option but for sure, never drink tap water. I'd ask locally where the nearest spring is. This is a US service to find a local spring. If anyone knows of a way to find UK springs other than asking locally, please let me know.

UPDATE: (Sept 23 - thanks David W)

UK drinkable springs.

Professor Michael Clark wrote back with this information.

In response to your request for publically available spring water I would recommend the Malvern Hills springs of which there are several. The public has access to filling up containers with the water as there is no restriction placed. This could change but for the moment Malvern Hills spring water is still freely available.
Kind regards
Professor Michael Clark

Nothing beats structured spring water. In future posts, I will share some details on how to make structured water at home.


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Sep 07, 2023

What's your thoughts on reverse osmosis 5 stage filtration systems with UV and remineraliser


Dec 29, 2022

we use an analemma structured water wand that alters the filtered tap water through a resonance process . The taste is significantly better after using the wand and after a couple of months we all noticed that we are more energised, feel “cleaner” inside and our skin is healthier. It’s a cheaper portable solution.


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