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A doctor's group in New Zealand called NZSOS, which stands for NEW ZELAND DOCTOR'S SPEAKING OUT with SCIENCE, have made a presentation that they have delivered to the New Zealand Health Select Committee and the New Zealand Police.

"....We are wanting to get this into the hands of as many police as possible.

We have been told that the vaccine is safe and effective but what are these objects in the vaccine?

Given the number of adverse effects and deaths, along with similar findings from other groups, we are calling for urgent investigation....

We want to remind the New Zealand Police that they have a duty to investigate evidence of harm and that following orders, protecting reputation and “sticking with the team” has never been an excuse to turn a blind eye.

The professionals at NZDSOS are risking their careers, reputations and incomes to honour our oaths and our callings.

We call upon the rest of New Zealand Professionals to do the same.

Together we are stronger in truth and freedom..."

If you are in NZ please present this to your local station, and talk the officers through the details.

For everyone else internationally please add this clear and concise presentation to your portfolio of evidence for your police force, judiciary and politicians.



NZSOS - Presentation-Microtech
Download PDF • 4.04MB


New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (“NZDSOS”) is a group of concerned doctors, dentists and other medical scientists. Our purpose is to question “the narrative”, advocate for public health, tell the truth as best as we can discern it, and try to chart a way forward.

Why are we risking our careers, professional reputations and incomes? We wish to honour our oaths, as we genuinely entered our professions to do good, and we must try to prevent harm to our fellow citizens. We believe we have proof of health risks from the vaccine and microscopically visible artificial technology (“microtechnology”).

We do not claim as to the purpose of the microtechnology - though we believe there is a real urgency to find out. We have our grave suspicions, and we allow for a nano-chance that there is a reassuring explanation.

We are not presenting this information to be frivolous or disruptive but come from a genuine concern as to what is represented by the images.

If these images concern you, please share with others. In particular, any police, teachers, employers and your friends and family.

  • Four teams in New Zealand have taken images. So far, only our team and one other scientist are prepared to speak out.

  • The other teams are anxious for their safety since we all believe what we see is indicative of an unimaginable crime.

  • Billions of people are oblivious to the alleged microtechnology.

  • NZDSOS has asserted a much higher injury and death toll from the vaccine than we have seen before (including the smallpox vaccine, considered too dangerous at several in a million deaths). We suspect somewhere nearer 1 in several thousand from Comirnaty.

  • All passive reporting systems worldwide are flagging extremely high death and injury rates – to near silence from regulators. We know the post-marketing Pfizer documents showed huge death and injury early on and that mRNA can be reverse-transcribed to DNA.

  • Will the people have to act to protect themselves from being coerced to take the vaccine if our police and elected representatives will not investigate?


28 January 2022 Crown Law, Ministry of Health and Medsafe declined meeting No choice but to gate crash the select committee process the same day. We presented verbally and were met with silence

30 January 2022 A hastily cobbled initial version of this presentation with a covering letter was sent to the above parties

In total, we and our lawyers made 5 attempts over 2 weeks from 28 January 2022 to communicate w

ith Government, including three formal letters. Single dismissive reply. NZDSOS presented the first “nano-tech”* finding from Spain to the Government and Medsafe on 27 September 2021 , in our report on possible magnetism. Again, a lockstep silence, which has been the unifying response to all our attempts to engage on issues upon which we have been shown repeatedly correct.


  • The images are shocking, and it is easy to succumb to “cognitive dissonance” (i.e., the mind rejects new information that would force it to change internal beliefs about one’s world).

  • The images are real, and we do offer some interpretation as best we can.

  • We do acknowledge that you may have been vaccinated and find a reluctance to examine this information.

  • Police, defence, medical and border personnel, teachers and parents - in fact, everyone should demand answers to these images from the Government, their employers and the mainstream media. Their advice may amount to practising medicine without a license.

  • The information has been presented to the Police in case we have evidence of crime since Government have refused to discuss it.


For almost a year, NZDSOS have been writing to the government regarding:

  • Deaths and injury toll

  • Strong science undermining the “safe and effective” narrative

  • Failing efficacy

  • Rising all-cause mortality

  • Informed consent

  • Ethical issues

On 22 February 2022 a powerful presentation was made to the Human Rights Commission and Police:

  • Regarding the true state of harm from the vaccine which is markedly at odds with government and media messaging.

  • Presented by doctors, scientists, lawyers and injured jab recipients, and this presentation was repeated for some media on 26 February 2022

  • protesters/


Spanish science group La Quinta Columna, who research and present vaccine analysis and commentary on the background science

English translation site details the state of the science of Graphene- based Microtech in humans.

Recommended reading SciencereportbyDrCampra


  • short video introduction to the work

  • includes chain-of -custody proof, obviating any fraud. First published September 2021, follow-up report December 2021.

  • Raman spectroscopy consistent with GRAPHENE OXIDE (GO), a known toxin, which causes blood clots amongst other things.


Images from the dark field (DF) microscopy team in NZ (more to be seen on ). Some images are phone shots taken in order to break the metadata ID. The originals were taken December 2021 to January 2022. We visited the scientists on January 24th, 2022, and we subsequently swore an affidavit regarding our observations. These scientists are understandably concerned re repercussions, given the contradiction of the narrative. The dark field condenser lens lights up borders particularly and shows contrast; the same principle explains why we can see the moon even though it is in shadow. Sunlight refracts and converges around the sides of the earth and is reflected back by the moon. The DF images tend to appear very 2- dimensional. There are many images, and we present (and guess at) a small cross-section of many things that should never be seen in shots.

This science crew have taken extensive and quite amazing images which are uploaded onto their website,, with some explanations and, of course, asking the same reasonable questions that the rest of us do. Please note the absolute consistency of technology showing up for the multiple groups, across different microscopes and techniques.


Why are these structures in the vaccine?

Do our regulators know what the structures are?

If our regulators are unable to explain the structures, shouldn’t they investigate? How can our regulators rely on Pfizer’s explanation? Pfizer has incurred $10,193,896,333 in fines since 2000 and its sales have increased by 133%.

Shouldn’t the Police investigate too, given the possibility of deliberate tampering?

How can the rollout of a vaccine under provisional approval be allowed to continue, and down to 6 months of age?

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
Apr 08, 2022

It's scary pictures; however, the scariest is that people do not want to face it. I'm Grateful That New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science.

The fact that these attempts have not stopped long ago is proof that the plan is genocide of humans, not protection for a virus that no one has ever found. No laboratory in the world has isolated anything other than an "in silico" virus. "In silico" is Latin for "theoretical." In plain English, synonyms for theoretical are "fantasy" or "make-believe.

The imagination is The Great Reset's and the agenda with the fear manipulation - the history of virus-ghost planning to kell us is for something quite different from yours and my Health. To gain…


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