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These new images from the microscopy analysis of the Pfizer 'vaccine are some of the best yet.

Multiple releases within the last ten days, regarding the key issue of 'undisclosed ingredients', indicate the avalanche has truly started.

If we follow the rule of exponential discovery, the kick-up has just started.



A microscopy analysis of a Pfizer-BioNTech #Covidvaccine sample. The analysis was performed with bright field and phase contrast microscopy and applying rigorous scientific and hygiene standards. Two samples were analyzed from the same vial. These are the results:

(2/n) Focusing on the border of the drop (yellow arrow) reveals tiny particles of different sizes and light refraction properties:

(3/n) Zooming in, the larger particles were found to have a diameter of about 1 µm.

For comparsion: Diameter of a human hair: 70-90 µm (…), human red blood cell: 8 µm (…), SARS-CoV-2: 90-100 nm (…)

(4/n) The smaller particles are about 0.5 µm (= 500 nm) in diameter:

(5/n) Some particle aggregations were also visible in the liquid:

(6/n) Fiber-like structures can also be seen. Their diameter is in the nm-range. (Remember, a human hair has a diameter of about 70-90 µm).

Some of them look like a continuous fiber (a, c), some have branches (b, d).

(7/n) More fiber-like structures. A ring-like structure was seen once (d).

Note from Mark - PLEASE NOTE (d) - this is a recurring theme so far unrecognised. What is it?

(8/n) A futher class of particles: comparatively large and with unique light refraction properties. They come in different shapes (e.g rod-like, squares):

(9/n) More of these objects:

(10/n) And more:

(11/n) A few unusually shaped objects were found, e.g. a 45 µm long ribbed structure (b) and a particle of about 10 µm in diameter with some “spikes” attached (d).

(12/n) Parts of the liquid crystallized after about 15 min. Encapsulated areas can be seen with crystallized objects of different sizes inside. It’s almost beautiful.

(13/n) Sometimes, these encapsulated crystallized areas (white arrow) contained objects with different light refraction properties to the particles surounding them (yellow arrow):

(14/n) Oval-shaped encapsulated crystallized structures can be seen:

(15/n) These oval-shaped encapsulated crystallized structures have complex internal sub-structures with compartmentalization and particles of different sizes:

16/n) One oval-shaped encapsulated crystallized structure was found attached to a fiber-like object (yellow arrow) with a diameter of about 10 µm:

(17/n) Conclusions (1): - The Pfizer-BioNTech #Covidvaccine contains particles and objects of different sizes, shapes and light refraction properties - Complex aggregates and crystallization of these particles and objects were found (18/n) Conclusions (2): - The nature (chemical properties, elemental composition) of these particles and objects is unknown - Careful interpretation of these images is required

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14 nov 2023
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Great share! I really enjoyed this post showcasing the new images of the Pfizer jab under the microscope. The intricate details reminded me of the beauty you find in unexpected places, much like the captivating patterns on a rooster feathers. It's fascinating to witness the science behind these advancements, and the visuals add an extra layer of appreciation.

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Awesome work!! Thank you so much. I will donate to the microscope project.

For those who have never seen morgellon's filaments before... has an ayurvedic gum pulling sample method you can use to see how contaminated you are. Everyone is so don't freak if you come up positive. Just go alkaline in your diet. It will reduce the amount of filaments in your system a lot.

What's in these injections is probably on a whole new level. The microelectronic or global mechanical sensors (MEMS or GEMS) that have been sprayed on us since the mid-1990's originally to provide data gathering nano "weather balloons," were engineered by a DOD contractor called ENSCO (Falls Church, VA). They also provide transponder te…

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Liminal Circuits
Liminal Circuits
06 oct 2021
Contestando a

I really resonate with your reply; your varied content, your coherent grammar, your nuanced and novel information, and your warrior spirit of "we've already won," which I also share (and have been reminding other people as well), planting it in my energy field and intending the highest timeline for humanity/the planet. I've been connecting with other puzzle pieces, as well as doing tons of research, and defending folks online with that research ✒️ I feel like we should connect 🌟🐉🔥👽✨

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
04 oct 2021

At (7 / n), It appears on b - c that objects vibrate at a fairly high frequency. Are these vibrations from the equipment or the laboratory?

I ask because it seems like they are alive or maybe resonating with an electromagnetic field - WiFi or cell phone etc.?

Next time during the recordings, I would suggest adding an electromagnetic field, e.g., put a cell phone near the samples, call a number, and see how they behave?

These are strange creatures and what do they do in a 'SAVIOR- MEDICINE'???

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Elly Ess
Elly Ess
04 oct 2021

Thank you. It is almost impossible to take in that people have deliberately designed some injectable ingredients which we have already seen are killing and maiming people. Worse that they create a scenario of lies saying this is necessary to save your life. It reminds me of the film "The Third Man", in which there is a scene where the good guy Holly, is taken to a hospital ward full of very badly damaged children. The Army Intelligence Officer tells him that the children were damaged by a batch of penicillin which unscrupulous black marketeers had watered down to increase quantities. The children suffered severe brain damage. In the film this comes across quite rightly as the worst crime …

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Thank you!

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