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A few years ago it would have been said that all parents of soon-to-be teenage girls must see this film and companying reports concerning the HPV 'cervical-cancer' vaccine.

However, now it's being given to boys too.

The logic is mindboggling and the pharma-cynical will say the move was to simply to double the vacicnes sales reach overnight by targetting both sexes.

Whatever the reason, the call is now that all parents of young children need to watch this multi-award-winning 30 minute-documentary.

Informed choice involves evaluating risk.

What is the risk from the disease?

What is the risk from the cure?

Which is more dangerous?

The children below wish they had understood the risks...


The film gives vital information that enables parents to make a truly informed decision.

Whether to agree to your child being given the HPV, or a firm "No thank you".

How young girls are being seriously damaged by the vaccine with the highest reported adverse reactions of any existing vaccine

A documentary written and narrated by Joan Shenton and directed by Andi Reiss

The Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine.

Sacrificial Virgins – so named because the vaccine is often given to girls before they become sexually active – exposes increasing evidence of serious neurological damage following the HPV injections. It calls for the vaccine to be withdrawn in the hope that this will help to halt another global tragedy.

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If the film above does not play, see the video here.


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