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Plans to use GO as part of UK water filtering process.

Will it contaminate, or clean our water supply?

QUOTE: "...UK technology business G2O Water Technologies has landed its first commercial contract for the enhancement of water filtration membranes with graphene oxide. This is particularly significant for both the technology company as well as the water sector globally, as it is the first commercially successful application of the recently developed material for water treatment.

The advantages of using graphene oxide lie in the enhancement of membrane performance, as it mitigates the effects of fouling – one of the biggest challenges operators of membrane-based water filtration systems face. With a coating of graphene oxide, successfully developed and piloted by the company in the northwest of England in collaboration with Hydrasyst Limited, operators can improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and decrease chemical usage. It is anticipated that this will extend the lifetime of the membranes, as well as significantly reducing the cost and environmental impact of water treatment.

Hydrasyst, the earliest adopter of the technology, is a British turnkey solution provider of advanced membrane technology systems, particularly in industrial processes. Commenting on its work with G2O, Managing Director Kyle Wolff said, “We’re thrilled to have been closely...". Read more here

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07 août 2023

Összefoglalva : egy méregről kellene elhinnem, hogy tisztítja a vizet és segít a membránoknak szűrni? Teljesen agyatlannak néznek minket😡


01 juil. 2022

Graphene Oxide inside our bodies + 5G signals everywhere, not a good combination.


Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
03 août 2021

The elite will try to put Graphene Oxide in all the places where it can affect and pollute our Biology. As they have done with glyphosate, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, flour, amalgam, chemotherapy, and other destructive chemicals, we allow the industry to use it. We should all be grateful that people like Marki spend 'amounts of' time investigating and shedding light on these crimes. We should all support this work with all we can.


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