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What could be wrong with bathing in 5G?

This 3 minute video gives a clue...


Do you live in Bath or nearby?

Have you heard about the new 5G rollout planned in the city centre?

QUOTE: Bath to embrace 5G with host of masts planned for city centre

In 2020 the council fought plans for a 5G mast on the city outskirts, but now the council is introducing it into the city centre

Bath and North East Somerset Council is set to install a host of 5G antennas in the centre of Bath — despite fighting to block a 5G mast on the city outskirts four years ago.

A total of 16 5G antennas are set to be installed in locations around the city centre as part of an 18-month trial by Bath and North East Somerset Council. 200-300 volunteers will be handed special sim cards to test the network which, if the trial is successful, will be opened up to the public next spring.

There are a few things to note here

  • The residents of Bath do not conset or condone 5G as the muliple past obkectiosn ot planning permission for towers prooves.

  • This is a trial. Do you condone this 'experiment'.

  • Why has Bath been chosen? Because its seen as a wealthy middle class city full of compliant residents

  • 5G is untested. The infrastructure is uninsured.

  • In 2020 council officers rejected the 5G masts but have now seem to have changed tehir minds. Why? Pressure from above? It is the duty of the council to work for the interst of the people. Anything else is criminal and is a crime of malfeasance

Those in a position of authority are obliged to use their powers for public good. If these powers are abused by the public official to the detriment of a third party, a case of misfeasance in public office may arise. source

Bathness council are denying the right of Bath residents and visitors to be protected and have abiondoned public consultation.

What is malfeasance?

If you are found guilty of the offence of misfeasance in public office, you face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The offence involves a public official acting in contravention of their position of authority, resulting in harm, injury, financial loss or damage to a third party.


Even if you don't live in Bath please come to 'The Rally for Sanity' in Bath

on the 7th of July.

There will be key speakers and many like-minded present.

They are starting this in the so-perceived 'unawake' compliant cities like Bath before rolling it out nationwide..

Stamp out the spark of this insanity before the wildfire of lunacy spreads.

Sunday 7th July 2 pm Bath Spa

Guildhall Council building.

15 High st


Please share this post with everyone you know within easy reach of Bath.


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Needs Proofreading. Full of Typos and errors.

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