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One of my favourite segments at Tess Lawrie's 'The Better Way Conference' in Bath, was the section by Nickita Starck on the work of Doulas and natural birth.

So much so, I invited Nickita for an interview.

A must-watch for all prospective parents.

And a deep insight for those considering training in natural births - including traditionally trained midwives.

I found the interview not only entertaining but funny and deeply insightful.

Catch a glimpse on the 98 second segment below

TRAILOR (98 seconds)


If the video fails see it here on Odysee:

When Push Comes To Shove

A message from Nickita

Systemic childbirth sabotage is very real & the number cause of birth trauma. Trauma is common but NOT normal. Birth is a natural process that very occasionally needs medical intervention, NOT a medical process that happens occasionally if you are lucky.

If you are passionate about birth but have become disenchanted by the system, join the fastest-growing alternative maternity structure in the world.

When Push Comes To Shove is leading the way to the childbirth revolution.

Come and train with us and help birth the new earth.

Make a difference, empower women, realise there is choice and find your tribe with the most unique community of birth workers. This truly is a dream job!

60% of our students are working within 2 months of certification!

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In Your Own Time by Dr Sarah Wickham

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Brewer's diet

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
Aug 28, 2022

Coincidence or a connection "How A Doula Can Guide Pregnancy To A Pain & Trauma Free Natural Birth." I don't believe in the Big Bang coincidence theory, here is why .....

Seeing this overriding message was of immense therapeutic value to me. Even as a holistic practitioner with almost 50 years of background, I was 'unaware' that I, the Father, also suffered from this birth trauma twenty-eight years after. It all was released during that interview, and my thought is, how many grown men live with similar experiences without knowing it?

Nickita Starck, wow and thank you, you are an angel. My first deposit was, Of course, Marki always finds the best. Let me explain, I was out mowing…


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