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BBC NEWS TRANSLATED -/3rd November 2023

The semiotics of language is a fine art.

The BBC have as always tailored their language with high skill suiting their raison-etre as the United Kingdom's premiere propaganda outlet.

However, the BBC licence fee has been paid by the public to receive a balanced, truthful and insightful coverage of critical world events.

This is of course most critical when we are witnessing what many claim to be genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The actual events in this summary clearly describe potential war crimes.

In the absence of clear reporting, Not On The Beeb has stepped in to edit the language and the key facts down to the core basics...

This is how we think their front page should read.

SUMMARY - IDR'S INVASION OF GAZA - 3rd November 2023


- Israel's military says it has "completed the encirclement of Gaza City" and has only been attacking what they claim are Hamas infrastructures.

- However, the UN says four schools-turned-shelters in the Gaza Strip have been attacked in the past 24 hours

- The UN's agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, says 20 people have been killed at a school in the Jabalia refugee camp

- Schools at the Beach refugee camp & Al Bureij camp were also attacked, with three (children) killed

- Unbelievably the UN did not attribute blame for the deaths at the schools.

- Israel retaliated after suspiciously dropping part of it's 'iron-wall' defences against Hamas. This resulted in 1400 deaths, mostly of people at an acid party and a Kibutz. Uncharacteristically, the IDR were slow to respond.

- IDR claims it is minimising civilian deaths.

- Yet over half of the 9,000 civialians killed have been children. Few Hamas deaths have been reported.

This is what the BBC actually posted:

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