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A good accountant is worth a million bucks, especially if you're steering a crooked enterprise and running double bookkeeping.

A multitude of sins can be covered up by massaging a few numbers.

A clear example of this 'cooking of the books' was highlighted in the documented Vaxxed which via a CDC whistleblower exposed how a little manipulation of the data helped them hide the fact that the MMR vaccine was clearly injuring male children of African descent.

A slow but sure public awakening to the reality of the extent of the unexpected deaths in the UK has lead the powers at be to resort to comical excuses as they try to sway public opinion with duff news reports attempting to normalise sudden deaths amongst our youngest, fittest and the general population.

In the UK media alone have tried to blame the death rate on people having cold showers, drinking too much tea, doing too much exercise, doing too little, long-covid, short-covid and spontaneous acts of God.

However, as brave professionals like Dr Cartland, MP Bridgen and Campbell have pushed the situation into the spotlight, the powers at be have had to resort to the cooking of the books.

This is no conspiracy behind closed doors. Seemingly emboldened by the gullibility of the British public and lack of critical thinking by the nation's trained and hypnotised so-called 'experts', they are carrying out this sleight of hand in plain sight.

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
08 de mar.
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Mark Playne, I agree 100% with your considerations. As you know, I honor and respect your work to educate the public. I try to emulate you in the best way.

You and Me living 'in' the Madness of Long COVID:

How is this attack orchestrated?

Why can't the population see the attack?

Can you and I even get the population to listen?

If yes, what does it take for the population to see the deception and understand the consequences?

However, one of my dilemmas is that I am a Sovereign person and want to live according to these principles. I meet only a few everywhere in my life who will listen to my warnings or simply the knowledge I view…


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