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A friend E Jordan was in the public gallery of the debate in the UK Parliament yesterday - 18th April - on excess deaths since C19.

This is her account of the day's proceedings.

“No vaccine is 100% Safe”

On Thursday 18th April at 2.33pm Andrew Bridgen stood up in the House of Commons and delivered an historic speech to open the long-awaited debate on excess deaths following Covid 19.

There were 16 MPs present.

Whatever you think of Andrew Bridgen (he has his detractors!), he gave a damning account on the effects of the Covid jab and the packed public gallery erupted into spontaneous and thunderous applause after his speech - and were swiftly told off by the Speaker of the House for doing so.

I was there, and it was a momentous occasion. It wasn’t only Andrew Bridgen’s speech that was damning. There were many nuggets of truth revealed to which there was very little meaningful response.

And it is now all on the public record.

To follow is a synopsis of some of the main points mentioned. It by no means covers everything that was brought up in this excellent 2.5 hour debate.

For a start, it was deemed “beyond doubt” that the Covid vaccine has caused deaths and other serious injuries. This is evidenced by the fact that the government’s own compensation scheme for vaccine damage injuries has paid the maximum compensation possible (£120,000) to 163 people for serious, life-changing injuries after the Covid vax. And the scheme is very far behind in accessing vax claims. (There have been more than 9,000 claims so far).

Another damning fact is that there have been over 480,000 reports of adverse effects for the Covid jab on the MHRA’s Yellow Card adverse effects reporting system since it was introduced in 2021 (including fatalities), more than all reports for all other vaccines in the previous 20 years.

Then there is the fact that Maria Caulfield (Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care) herself admitted that “no vaccine is 100% safe”. There was a sharp intake of breath from the gallery at that admission. Doesn’t this make a mockery of the government’s “safe and effective” campaign?

Regarding the testing of this experimental vaccine, Neale Hanvey of the Alba Party (who has a background in the management and delivery of clinical trials) pointed out that there was no longitudinal data in accessing the Covid vax safety, as the pharma companies vaxed the placebo group after 8 weeks. Dr Kieran Mullan from the Conservative Party responded that “we do not typically use longitudinal studies, and that vaccine trial was done by using a lot of people in a short space of time to create the same amount of evidence”.

This drew perplexed looks from the gallery!

Neale Hanvey also stated that the vax has been discovered to be oncogenic (cancer-causing) by the US research scientist, Kevin McKernan, and other scientists have confirmed these findings. They are contaminated with plasmid DNA, which was not listed in the ingredients supposed to be in the vax.

He added that Professor Angus Dalgleish, University of London Professor of Oncology, and principal of the Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy, has stated that the UK Government and their agencies are “in serious denial” regarding the “various serious and sometimes fatal consequences” of the spike protein produced due to the mRNA jab. The professor was quoted as saying that it “constitutes medical negligence because the facts are there for all to see” and that “all mRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now.” The professor would have attended the debate but was instead speaking at a conference in Berlin on this subject.

nother important point made was that the way that excess deaths are calculated by the ONS was recently changed by the government so that the statistics for 2023 are not comparable with the figures before this time. Therefore excess deaths would be calculated as even higher than the 5% indicated last year using the previous metric, at a time when excess deaths should have been in the negative so long after the pandemic was over. Danny Kruger from the Conservative Party made the point that the previous ONS method of accounting for excess deaths—of taking an average over five years— had “led to an exaggeration of excess death numbers during the pandemic”.

When it comes to the nature of excess deaths, Andrew Bridgen revealed that fatalities due to heart disease have increased significantly in the young to middle age bracket since the Covid vax was introduced. This is in line with the spike protein not staying in the arm but travelling all over the body and forming clots. Clots in vessels around the heart cause heart disease. Clots around the lungs and brain cause strokes.

On the same point, Sir Christopher Chope quoted US cardiologist, Dr Thomas Levy, as stating last year that, on his estimate, “vaccines are causing heart injury in at least 2.8% of people who receive the Covid injections.”

The government was also questioned as to why data regarding the numbers of deaths in those vaxed v unvaxed are no longer being released by the ONS to the public, only to the pharma companies. The government responded that this is because this data might be “misused” if released to the public.

It was also stated a number of times that Module 4 of the Covid public enquiry which deals with the vaccine has been put on hold until next year, which is not helpful. And most agreed that further research needs to be done into the issues raised.

Despite all of the above, the Government and Labour Party Opposition representatives at the debate both stated in conclusion that the benefits of the vax outweigh any risk and that the vax roll out should continue.

Read the transcript of the speeches here:

“No vaccine is 100% Safe”

Eye witness account by By E Jordan


1  - Why are so many people suffering adverse events and death after COVID-19 vaccinations?

2 - Why are so many of our fittest sportspeople collapsing and suffering myocarditis, heart attacks and death post-vaccination?

3 - Why have the vaccine manufacturers withheld ingredients? Undisclosed ingredients are illegal and involve the deception of the public.

4 - Why have independent scientific reports of Graphene Oxide and other contaminants not been publically investigated?

5 - Why are the various batches of the vaccine clearly different?  As per VAERS data, most adverse reactions are coming from a few batches. This clearly indicates suspect manufacturing.

6 - (Jan 2022) With all these doubts concerning safety, why is (was) the vaccine rollout continuing in British schools


7 - As of December 6th 2022 why has such a product, with such a track-record, been authorised for our youngest children between 6 months and 4 years old?

8 - (Update 2023) - Why are the considerable national (and international) excess deaths not being investigated?




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28 avr.

My thirty-three questions, sent to the Enquiry in August, 2023, have been acknowledged but none has been answered. A similar fate awaited my further submission about "Partygate".


27 avr.

Multiple clients have either had adverse effects or a loved one has mysteriously died, contracted a turbo cancer and more. A close friend suffered a turbo cancer; friend had a heart issue, another friend had a stroke, I suffered from "shedding", my father's healthy life deteriorated from taking the vax. 10% of all adverse reactions are only ever recorded yet nearly every one of us knows more than 1 person adversely affected.


26 avr.
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

My father 'died' from this so called vacine. My MP has no interest in serving me or any of his constituents. We have to prove ourselves at every turn and we are guilty until proven innocent. Why don't the rules apply to those in public life who are supposed to be acting for us and in our best interest?


25 avr.
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

This is ongoing corruption at the highest levels. Having explored dr Fauci and his lies and deception using his multibillion funds he’s definitely murdered thousands especially with his dangerous aids /HIV drugs .. looks like a range of dangerous but profitable mRNA drugs are going to be mandated by WHO later this year ..


25 avr.
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Think it is time to remind them all, which ever party, the police and the NHS you are public servants and are there only with our consent.


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