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Why is 911 so important today?

Understanding the fraud of 911 is critical towards helping understand the C19 fraud.

This is just one of MANY things that prove it was a well-organised set-up.

It proves. - massive deceptions can be pulled off. - those involved remain silent or silenced - in the face of science, logic and physics including Newton's laws, the deception lives on in those hypnotised by repetitive images implanted at a time of shock, horror and fear. - 20 years later, even though a high percentage of the population understand the basics of the deception, no one has been arrested and people accept controlled investigations without complaint.

- That even now some of you reading this will prefer to believe that this footage has been faked than take onboard they have been fooled for two decades

The reality is that it is easier to fool someone, than to wake them up to the fact that they have been fooled.


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