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Defender of the people Lois Bayliss is under attack by her solicitors regulatory body the SRA over letters she wrote to schools, GPs and Vaccination centres.

Read the post 'Lois Baylis needs our help' to understand the issue Lois is facing.

(You also see how to file a complaint here)

Would you like to register your disdain for the SRA actions and make an official complaint?

See how to do so here:

Below are a few sample complaints filed against the SRA by NOTB members.


Dear sir or madam

I am writing to express my disgust that you wish to discipline Lois Bayliss in front of a tribunal.

In my opinion the SRA is undermining legal authority in this jurisdiction. Law and government is based on consent, and the removal of rights and freedoms of people will directly lead to the removal of their consent to be governed, in a manner that is not in accordance with human nature.

The actions of the SRA are 'reckless' and against the public interest. The actions of the SRA are in favour of corporate interests, could there be any possible reasons as to why the legal system favors corporate interests over the interests of the ones the government and corporations are supposed to serve?

The letters written by Lois were 'anti-covid legislation and not anti-government. If government legislation is flawed, discriminatory and dangerous, writing a letter is upholding ones moral duties?

It is my understanding that the opinions of SRA are unsubstantiated, and not based on the best scientific research protocols whereby all sources of information are taken into account. Please provide information as to how the STA bases its decisions on science? It is incredibly worrying and suspect that our moral and legal authority can so readily be put in the hands of a few industrial scientists with many conflicting interests. It is even more worrying that this is encouaged by bodies that are supposed to protect a sound legal system.

I would welcome a public discussion as to why it has been chosen to arrange a tribunal, who was responsible for this decision, and what the rules are within the SRA for this course of action.

Yours faithfully





Madam/ sir, 

I wish to request that the SRA withdraw their current, and any proposed actions against Lois Bayliss.

I was an NHS GP for nearly 50years, in different roles.

Lois Bayliss drew attention to the dreadful way in which many people were treated during the covid troubles.  UK law ( Montgomery judgement of the UK Supreme Court ), medical ethics ( GMC advice on decision making and consent ) and the Nuremberg Code were all disregarded, in more ways than one.I have pointed this out to many worthies, and suggested to them that they report me to the GMC if I am spreading misinformation.                                                                       They have not done so, nor replied to me. The fact that this is not common knowledge is because the media and governments used censorship to support their 'case '.Lois Bayliss helped to overcome some of the consequences of that censorship.You should be proud that Lois Bayliss is a solicitor.Instead you are taking action against her.

Yours sincerely

Noel Thomas.    



Hello SRA

I hope you are all well.

Re: SRA ref: RGC-000072045

I am dismayed to learn that Lois Baylis is under investigation by the SRA alleging that it has received a number of complaints about Lois. Unfortunately the SRA has failed to substantiate its claims with evidence of the apparent complaints received.I hereby lodge an official complaint against the SRA on the points detailed below.

Further, I wish to demand that the SRA withdraw their current and any proposed actions against Lois Bayliss.It is essential to consider that Lois Bayliss is a solicitor in England who has for almost two years during, which our human rights and access to information has been severely curtailed, been a champion of the people.

Lois has worked throughout that time on a pro bono basis, receiving no payment whatsoever for the sterling work which she has carried out in providing a voice for those who have felt disadvantaged, forgotten and who have all but lost hope, when few others in her position would step up to help



Dear SRA representatives,

Please withdraw the current and any proposed action against Lois Bayliss. I believe her work is for the good of people of this nation.

Kind regards, J


Dear SRA

You will no doubt recognize my note as a copy & paste of a supporting campaign for the above-mentioned solicitor, whom I write to offer my complete support.

To the details below, I would add the following comments, and respectfully & strongly urge you to desist from taking any punitive measures against this champion of the public. Her efforts to discover the details in this extraordinary situation should be supported, not condemned at any level.

The management of the so-called Covid pandemic appears to me to be grotesque & deliberate government disinformation, manipulation of the public, concealment of important facts, and refusal to permit investigation of the terrible consequences. Consequently, you should support her efforts and her attempts to properly inform the public, and I trust you will do precisely that.

Yours sincerely



Dear Sir/Madam,

What on earth do you think you are doing, running a campaign of intimidation against Lois Bayliss, simply because she is working freely instead of charging ridiculous fees (thereby setting an example to other solicitors in what is, frankly, a profession that is devoid of transparent competition and characterised by protective regulation)?

Have the SRA and its directors taken leave of their senses and become captive to governmental policy?

Lois Bayliss is courageous and acts on principle. She is to be commended, in the same way as those who resisted, at the time, the govt propaganda and policies in Nazi Germany and the Eastern bloc countries. Why is the SRA intimidating her? For whom are you acting and on what grounds? Are the SRA and the profession not sufficiently aware of the deterioration in the manner in which they are regarded?

The public need to know why the SRA are engaging in tyrannical activities of this nature, as an agency of government.




Dear Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

I am aware that you are investigating anonymous complaints against Lois Baylis as a result of the work Lois may have been carrying out. I find it hard to accept that to my understanding Lois has not been given the full details of the alleged anonymous reports against her to respond to prior to any investigations or cases being held against her. As a named woman I would like to say a few words in support of Lois Bayliss/Broad Yorkshire Law and the work they have completed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I know Lois to be a very conscientious and caring individual, who has worked tirelessly to support people that have been subjected to difficult circumstances during the pandemic. Lois has worked courageously to support those people subject to Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment both within the care industry and NHS, she has ensured those people affected adversely by the COVID-19 experimental vaccines had a voice and were supported to complete witness statements (which can be a traumatic process for all those involved). I know Lois did this from a good place of caring and supporting those individuals that otherwise could not have afforded to be represented by a solicitor to address matters of great importance to them. On behalf of myself and the people of England I feel it important to say Lois represents as an ethical person who takes on anything to help people obtain the support and recognition that they need in their time of need. As a result I feel Lois should be commended for her tireless efforts to support the people of England in matters arising as a result of the policies and procedures adopted and encouraged by the UK Government, which at times meant people were under undue influence to either get vaccinated to keep their jobs or be dismissed. In addition, I know many people that have suffered adverse effects or worse as a result of taking the experimental jab. Lois had the ability and tenacity to represent people legally and lawfully. I would ask the question of how many people has Lois supported throughout these very difficult and trying times since 2021...there will be many many. I would strongly ask that the SRA takes into consideration recent events and data (amongst other things) which you are able to view as detailed below prior to coming to any conclusions on Lois case; - The Supreme Court in finding an outcome that this was not a vaccine (COVID-19) but 'gene therapy'. - Consider the increasing Yellow Card reporting data for adverse events and deaths. - Consider the amount of Employment Tribunal claims ACAS have settled early as a result of VCOD and/ or any claims within any UK courts for the mass harms of the COVID-19 policies including lockdowns etc. - Applications sent to the vaccine damage payments scheme in the UK. I hope following this case hearing Lois is allowed to continue to practice in her legal capacity to support those that need her help and to represent those people which otherwise are often left unrepresented with little access to the support afforded to them by Lois in there time of need. You never hear from people that wish to praise the work completed by Lois, I'm sure if you took the time to investigate thoroughly you would find the praise far outweighs anything of an anonymous negative nature against Lois. Kind regards NM Without ill will, vexation or frivolity


Dear sir /madam ,

I read with dismay that Lois Bayliss has been vindicated by the establishment for her couragous work in the fight against the obvious tyranny of our treacherous government.

I have forwarded a recent email I have now sent to the cheif executive of the NHS in Scotland . Please read the original email ( obviously the long one ) to see why Lois Bayliss has taken this route against what more and more citizens are wakening up to .

I am just a normal 60 year old man with no affiliation to any political party or religon or any other movement for that matter.

If you read my email you will find that everything I have written is true , truth is truth and cannot be manipulated despite what we are being asked to believe .

When someone like Lois opens up the governments pandoras box they come down hard on them to destroy their character and their ability to carry on, that is not justice , that is treason and more and more citizens know what is and has been forced on us.

Do the right thing today , if you have a moral compass, follow it, if not pay the price as the people will rise and the power will change direction against those hell democidal demons.

Lois is brave ,are you ?

respectfully , KM


Dear Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Without ill will vexation or frivolity

Notice to principal and or agent, is notice to principal and agent

Reference: Lois Bayliss Solicitor Broad Yorkshire Law

As a member of the public, I have been made aware that Lois Bayliss is currently subject to a Disciplinary Tribunal Panel.

From the information I am in receipt of, I am of the understanding that the SRA has been in apparent receipt of a number of complaints all directed at Lois Bayliss since early 2022, of which you have elected to progress to disciplinary. It is my understanding that all the complaints share a parallel theme pertaining to her dedicated professional work pertaining to covid-19 vaccines and their ramifications that have a materialised timeline.

I have been made aware that to current date you have not provided (and thus in effect have knowingly and recklessly failed to provide) Lois Bayliss with copies of these apparent complaints that have been raised against her. To proceed to disciplinary in the absence of providing the detail and evidence of the alleged complaints, is in essence subjecting Lois Bayliss to a Kafka's trial and Kangaroo Court. In the interests of justice this cannot be allowed to happen. It is a matter of public interest for people to know that such an important regulatory body abide by fair transparent process in matters of any investigation it elects to undertake and make judgment upon.

The notable lack of impartiality with this disciplinary tribunal proceedings, suggests that the SRA is either not fit for purpose in being able to safely and fairly conduct disciplinary proceedings against any solicitor, or has a targeted agenda against Lois Bayliss as an individual for her work and time she has dedicated to serious issues pertaining to Covid-19 vaccines which are 100% matters of vital public interest to the people of this country.

Subjecting Lois Bayliss to what in essence are anonymous allegations which could potentially be non- existent, false, and or fraudulent (unless proven otherwise with full disclosure of substantive and justifiable complaint information in writing) is painting a reasonable scenario to the everyday person that the SRA is attempting to serve back door detriment upon Lois Bayliss for being an exceptional solicitor who has helped so many people in matters pertaining to the catastrophic impact Covid-19 vaccines have had to so many people in the country in one form or another.

Lois Bayliss has the right to help the people of this country in her professional capacity and private capacity, and should not be targeted for doing so. Lois along with other professionals nationally have collectively whistle blown on serious Covid-19 vaccine issues. It appears glaringly obvious to the reasonable person that the SRA's inability to abide by best practice with disciplinary investigative process with Lois's case, is demonstrating until proven otherwise a notable, targeted and underhand detriment at her for her dedication and commitment to helping as many people in this country as possible.

In the interests of justice and the complete absence of any complaint evidence having been disclosed to Lois Bayliss , the SRA must cease and desist its disciplinary tribunal immediately. Continuation of the tribunal under such circumstances would lead the public to be reasonable in their opinion of the SRA being knowingly reckless in adopting unfair and prejudicial investigative practice skills to achieve a form of back door underhand punishment of Lois Baylis for her services to the people of this country, in the form of disciplinary and or loss of professional registration and or livelihood, and or being subject to paying the apparent costs of the SRA investigation process into her.

One has to raise an obvious question, if you cant provide the evidence of apparent complaint, what has the SRA actually managed to investigate in respect to being able to try to recover any potential SRA investigative costs??

It therefore strongly appears that the SRA cannot be seen to be a trusted position of authority, because the sabotage of safe and best tools of investigative practice often points to abuse of positions and avenues of corruption.

Having met Lois Bayliss personally, I have observed her professional conduct to be impeccable and would recommend her services to any friends and family as a result. As a solicitor, Lois is 100% a people person, which is a rare find in the legal arena. Her work ethics are genuine and responsive to individuals and their needs.



Dear Sir


The SRA's reputation hangs in the balance because, as I understand, the SRA is planning a tribunal of Lois Bayliss based on her letters calling for a stop to the C19 roll-out at schools. The SRA is asserting that:

1.   The letters were 'reckless.'

2.   The letters were 'against the public interest.'

3.   The letters were 'anti-covid legislation and anti-government.'

4.   The letters' claims were unsubstantiated.


Some years ago, I became unwittingly and innocently embroiled at the centre of the UK's largest corporate fraud case. I learned much from this experience, but above all else, I realised that analysing prima facia evidence takes significant effort and courage to highlight meaningful conclusions when it contests the mainstream. Given your organisation's profession and reputation, I am patronising you in making this last point. Still, I hope you understand my concern that you exercise discretion and review the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) own data about mRNA vaccines provided under FOI, links for which I have provided below my signature and a simple explanation for which I attached to this email.


Covid vaccinations and injuries, according to the CDC's data, on which the UK government has relied, cause severe and fatal vaccine reactions, including cardiovascular, neurological and immunological reactions. Because of this, the risk-benefit ratio of covid vaccination in healthy children and adults under 50 years of age remains, at the very least, controversial and, some would argue, criminal.


Please carefully consider the attached data regarding the COVID vaccines and recognise that there is a coming day when those in positions of authority, such as the SRA, who have failed to consider the data and are found to be on the wrong side of history, will be held to account.


As a result of my analysis and those of many experts in their field, I now lodge an official complaint against the SRA on the basis detailed below. Further, I request that the SRA withdraw their current and any proposed actions against Lois Bayliss.


Details as I understand them:


Lois Bayliss is a solicitor in England who has been a champion of the people for almost two years. She has worked on a pro bono basis throughout that time, receiving no payment for the sterling work she has carried out in providing a voice for those who have felt disadvantaged, forgotten, and who have all but lost hope when few others in her position would step up to help.


Here are just some of the things I am informed Lois has done;


Gathered an immense amount of expert evidence which calls into serious doubt the Government’s policies relating to the management of C19 and the C19 injections and their roll-out:


  1. Spoken up in support of those injured by C19 injections

  2. Assisted families in Court proceedings seeking to prevent C19 injections

  3. Delivered evidence and witness statements relating to harms and deaths likely to have been caused by C19 injections to UK police forces

  4. Submitted whistle-blower and expert evidence to police

  5. Facilitated letters concerning injections and masking to schools, injection centres and GP surgeries

  6. Assisted PJH Law with care worker jab mandates, and NHS mandates and assisted on the High Court case of Dr Sam White

  7. Was prepared to assist in the representation of NHS workers receiving 1324 enquiries before the withdrawal of the C19 injection mandate

  8. Was very active in the case against the MHRA with PJH Law

  9. Guided individuals and families based upon the expert opinions and evidence in her possession, as well as her professional legal expertise as a solicitor at no charge whatsoever

  10. Has on several occasions paid barristers' fees herself to assist those less well off financially and who have required Court actions


I look forward to your informed reply.


Thank you


Ian Black (UK) 

+44 (0)7887 642054 




Professor Fenton’s explanation You Tube analysis:



Children’s Health Defence: CDC Finds Hundreds of Safety Signals for Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines


CDC Data revealed under FOI:


UK gov:

Would you like to register your disdain for the SRA actions and make an official complaint?

See how to do so here:

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12 de jan. de 2023

These examples make mine seem feeble but I hope that there is strength in numbers and Lois sees justice. Such selfless concern for others is rare and precious.

12 de jan. de 2023
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I reiterate your comments ‘Guest’. rayd


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