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This time last year you might remember I was working providing expert and vaccine injury witness evidence for the case with lawyers Lois Bayliss and Philip Hyland working alongside Dr Samuel White and Mark Sexton known as police crime number: 6029679/21

  • Over 60 NOTB members that are vaccine-injured also submitted witness statements.

  • Several key Doctors also submitted expert witness evidence.

  • Multiple scientists submitted expert witness evidence.

Thank you.

Over 16,000 of you have also kindly backed Not On The Beeb petition (started in the summer of 2021) calling for a pause to the roll-out and investigation into the ingredients that we supplied to the legal team, as a public push backing the evidence.

Thank you!

(We are gathering momentum and will have more news on how the petition will again be used in the upcoming weeks.)


We need to let this body the SRA know that we believe all her work was for the good of the people of this nation.


Many of you will remember the 2022 winter push of Not On The Beeb using Lois's template letter calling for a stop to the C19 roll-out at schools.

With your help 1000s of schools received countless letters.

This work was crucial in awakening the headmasters and teachers to the impending crisis...and as we all know, this warning was highly accurate.


3rd February 2022

Dear Sir/Madam

School Immunisation Service Visit:

I write in connection with the visit or any proposed visit of the school immunisation service.

As you will be aware whilst children are in school, the school’s legal position is “in loco parentis.” You owe a legal obligation to each child in your care.

We ask that you do the following:

  1. Write to the SIS and inform them that the vaccination session or any proposed vaccination session is cancelled and that the reason for cancellation is that the SARS CoV2 injection is under police investigation.

Should you fail to cancel the immunisation session you will render yourself liable for any losses sustained as a result of the visit and liability could include criminal liability.

Informed consent is impossible to obtain as the SIS vaccinators are not:

  1. Informing the patient that the roll out of the SARS CoV2 injections are under Police investigation pursuant to crime reference number: 6029679/21. Most parents, if given that information, would decline to give consent for their child. Please ensure this letter is communicated to all parents.

  2. Part of the Police investigation revolves around the alleged unlawful suppression of alternative treatments which have a far better safety profile. Informed consent is not possible if there is no discussion around safer alternatives.

  3. Informing the patient of how much active ingredient is in each vial. The amount of active ingredient in each vial varies and it is a matter of public record that some batches kill and maim disproportionately. Witness statements will be considered by the Police from bad batch victims. By way of example; one of them is now infertile, others have been suffering with mobility and paralysis of the face and limbs and many others are suffering from serious heart conditions such as myocarditis/pericarditis/myopericarditis. These people have medical evidence which states that the injection caused the infertility, immobility, paralysis and heart conditions. It is a fact that they received bad batches.

As informed consent is impossible to obtain, anyone injected on site has suffered a battery, regardless of any injury sustained.

Can you come back to me confirming that the visit has been cancelled.

Yours faithfully

Lois Bayliss

Broad Yorkshire Law


Lois sent three such letters to Schools, GPs and Vaccine centres

The SRA are planning a tribunal based on:

  1. The letters were 'reckless'

  2. The letters were 'against the public interest'

  3. The letters were 'anti-covid legislation and anti-government.'

  4. The letters' claims were unsubstantiated.


Please send an email as a complaint to the SRA

Only a few words are needed, yet more detail adds more punch.

Write as you see valid.

Each and every complaint will help her greatly.

The deadline has been shifted to the 17th January 2023.


Please send an email to the SRA using these details.

(You can also click the link on Lois's page here to launch an email:


Essential to CC Lois in:

If you'd like Mark & NOTB to get a copy to publish with your intials CC in:

Subject line:

Official complaint against SRA & demand to withdraw actions re: SRA ref: RGC-000072045


(These are suggested words as an introduction but please feel free to use your own)

I hereby lodge an official complaint against the SRA on the basis detailed below.

Further, I wish to demand that the SRA withdraw their current and any proposed actions against Lois Bayliss.

Details of Complaint:


Lois Bayliss is a solicitor in England who has for almost two years been a champion of the people.

She has worked throughout that time on a pro bono basis, receiving no payment whatsoever for the sterling work which she has carried out in providing a voice for those who have felt disadvantaged, forgotten and who have all but lost hope, when few others in her position would step up to help

Here are just some of the things Lois has done;

  1. Gathered an immense amount of expert evidence which calls into serious doubt the Governments policies relating to the management of C19 and the C19 injections and their rollout

  2. Spoken up in support of those injured by C19 injections

  3. Assisted families in Court proceedings seeking to prevent C19 injections

  4. Delivered evidence and witness statements relating to harms and deaths likely to have been caused by C19 injections to UK police forces

  5. Submitted whistleblower and expert evidence to police

  6. Facilitated letters concerning injections and masking to schools, injection centres and GP surgeries

  7. Assisted PJH Law with care worker jab mandates, NHS mandates and assisted on the High Court case of Dr Sam White

  8. Was prepared to assist in the representation of NHS workers receiving 1324 enquiries prior to the withdrawal of the C19 injection mandate

  9. Was very active in the case against the MHRA with PJH Law

  10. Provided guidance to individuals and families based upon the expert opinions and evidence in her possession, as well as her professional legal expertise as a solicitor at no charge whatsoever

  11. Has on several occasions paid barristers fees herself in order to assist those less well off financially and who have required Court actions


A body which regulates the legal profession in England, The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), placed Lois under investigation early in 2022, after claiming to have received a number of complaints about the work she has been doing for people. To date, the SRA have failed to provide Lois with copies of any of these apparent complaints received.

In November 2022, the SRA served a Notice on Lois, advising that they were proposing to refer Lois to The Solicitors Discipliniary Tribunal (SDT) due to the work which she has carried out.

The SRA have notified Lois that she may be responsible for their investigation fees, which could run to hundreds of thousands of pounds. In fact a relatively recent such case, levelled a costs claim of over £300,000 on a solicitor.

Many people believe that what the SRA are subjecting Lois to is wrong and that their action should be withdrawn immediately.

If you think the SRA should withdraw their action and instead commend and support Lois for the great work she has done in the public interest, please send them an email (which will auto-copy to Lois’s Law Firm, Broad Yorkshire Law) by using the link below…and let them know your views…

We are calling for an injunction to pause the vaccine rollout due to the following questions.

1 - Why are so many people suffering adverse events and death after COVID-19 vaccinations?

2 - Why are so many of our fittest sportspeople collapsing and suffering myocarditis, heart attacks and death post-vaccination?

3 - Why have the vaccine manufacturers withheld ingredients? Undisclosed ingredients are illegal and involve the deception of the public

4 - Why have independent scientific reports of Graphene Oxide and other contaminants not been publically investigated?

5 - Why are the batches of the vaccine clearly different? As per VAERS data, most of the adverse reactions can be attributed to a few of the batches. This clearly indicates at the best suspect manufacturing.



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