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Lois Bayliss is one of the two key lawyers preparing evidence for the potential UK court case under crime reference 6029679/21 obtained from Hammersmith Police station.

Below is Lois's letter to present to your child's school.

Even though the UK government have pulled back on many restrictions and guidelines, the childhood vaccination rollout is still ongoing.

Due to the ongoing police investigation, no vaccinations should take place.

This letter puts the headmaster on notice, supplying them with key information.

This is an easy, quick and effective action.


There are two options


1 - copy and paste the text into an email ALSO attaching the downloaded letter.

2 - CC the email to Lois

3 - Click send!


1 - Download the letter here

2 - Print it out making sure Lois's email or return postal address is attached

3 - Post the letter recorded delivery so you have proof of receipt.

3b or hand-deliver the letter and make a video record of the exchange as proof of delivery


3rd February 2022

Dear Sir/Madam

School Immunisation Service Visit:

I write in connection with the visit or any proposed visit of the school immunisation service.

As you will be aware whilst children are in school, the school’s legal position is “in loco parentis.” You owe a legal obligation to each child in your care.

We ask that you do the following:

  1. Write to the SIS and inform them that the vaccination session or any proposed vaccination session is cancelled and that the reason for cancellation is that the SARS CoV2 injection is under police investigation.

Should you fail to cancel the immunisation session you will render yourself liable for any losses sustained as a result of the visit and liability could include criminal liability.

Informed consent is impossible to obtain as the SIS vaccinators are not:

  1. Informing the patient that the roll out of the SARS CoV2 injections are under Police investigation pursuant to crime reference number: 6029679/21. Most parents, if given that information, would decline to give consent for their child. Please ensure this letter is communicated to all parents.

  2. Part of the Police investigation revolves around the alleged unlawful suppression of alternative treatments which have a far better safety profile. Informed consent is not possible if there is no discussion around safer alternatives.

  3. Informing the patient of how much active ingredient is in each vial. The amount of active ingredient in each vial varies and it is a matter of public record that some batches kill and maim disproportionately. Witness statements will be considered by the Police from bad batch victims. By way of example; one of them is now infertile, others have been suffering with mobility and paralysis of the face and limbs and many others are suffering from serious heart conditions such as myocarditis/pericarditis/myopericarditis. These people have medical evidence which states that the injection caused the infertility, immobility, paralysis and heart conditions. It is a fact that they received bad batches.

As informed consent is impossible to obtain, anyone injected on site has suffered a battery, regardless of any injury sustained.

Can you come back to me confirming that the visit has been cancelled.

Yours faithfully

Lois Bayliss

Broad Yorkshire Law

Please email this letter to schools and CC in Lawyer Lois Bayliss


220204 - Warning to schools - Lawyer Lois Bayliss
Download PDF • 1.31MB

Of course, the above letter can be backed by any evidence you think will persuade your headmaster.

This article by the Daily Expose is an eye-opener, the title alone is pure clickbait even for a tired headmaster...

Official Data shows Children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 Vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the ONS is trying to hide it

QUOTE: "...The Office for National Statistics has revealed without realising it that children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 vaccination than children who have not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

Back on 20th Dec 21, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a dataset containing details on ‘deaths by vaccination status in England’ between 1st Jan and 31st Oct 21.

The dataset contains various tables showing details such as, ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for deaths involving COVID-19’, and ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for non-COVID-19 deaths’.

What the dataset also includes is ‘age-standardised mortality rates by age-group and vaccination status for all deaths’, however they have conveniently left out the data for children, and only included data on age groups over the age of 18.

What they also did in the data they included is bunch all young adults together meaning the rates of death are calculated for 18-39 year-olds, a total of 22 years. But for every other age group the rates of death are calculated for a total of 10 years, with 40-49, 50-59 etc.

However, on table 9 of the ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status’ dataset, the ONS have inadvertently provided enough details on deaths among children and teenagers by vaccination status for us to calculate the mortality rates ourselves, and to put it bluntly, they are horrifying, and make it obvious as to why the ONS chose to exclude children from the mortality rates dataset.

What the ONS have done, as can be seen in the above table, is provide an age standardised mortality rate per 100,000 person-years, rather than per 100,000 population.

The reason for this is that the size of each vaccination status population has been changing all the time, due to the unvaccinated moving into the one-dose category, and the one-dose vaccinated moving into the two-dose vaccinated category throughout the year.

So by doing it this way it provides a much more accurate picture of the mortality rates because it accounts both the number of people and the amount of time a person has spent in each vaccination status....."

The article is contuined here


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Feb 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I was so grateful to have had this.

Thank you so much.🙏🏽


Just in half a month in January 2022, many young, perfectly healthy athletes have already suddenly collapsed. Despite all this, Dr. Wolfgang Mückstein declares the mRNA technology safe and very effective.

In Austria, more than a million unvaccinated people have to fear that they will not only lose their jobs, but that they will be punished by law and that even more severe exclusions will come.


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