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A new analysis of the Moderna vaccine has been published by Dr John B "a Scientist, lecturer & father | Whistleblower"

(1/n) A microscopy analysis of a Moderna #Covidvaccine sample.

A fresh sample was analyzed with bright field and phase contrast microscopy.

The cold chain was maintained and rigorous hygiene standards were applied.

These are the results:

(2/n) Particles and structures of different size and light refraction properties are visible in the vaccine when focusing on the border of the drop (yellow asterisk).

(3/n) Higher magnification reveals a wide spectrum of structures, including for example a rod-shaped structure (yellow arrow) with a length of about 14 µm (i.e. about twice as long as a red blood cell).

(4/n) The smallest particles visible under the microscope have a diameter of around 300 nm.

(5/n) Many particles are visible having a diameter in the range of about 0.6-1 µm:

(6/n) Rod-shaped structures with and without particles attached were found (yellow arrows).

(7/n) Multiple curved structures with a length of about 5-10 µm were detected. These interesting structures often had a thickening at one end or both ends:


• The Moderna #Covidvaccine contains particles & objects of different sizes, shapes and light refraction properties • Curved structures with a length of about 5-10 um were only found in the Moderna and not in the Pfizer-BioNTech sample

• An open question is which objects are the ingredients of the vaccine and which are contaminants

• The particles found do not match the size of mRNA-lipid nanoparticles used in the vaccines (which are 60–100 nm in size; Schoenmaker et al., 2021)

Further investigations about the ingredients and purity of the #Covidvaccines are required.

Schoenmaker, L., Witzigmann, D., Kulkarni, J. A., Verbeke, R., Kersten, G., Jiskoot, W., & Crommelin, D. (2021). mRNA-lipid nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccines: Structure and stability. International journal of pharmaceutics, 601, 120586.

SOURCE: Dr John B on Telegram

Scientist, lecturer & father | Whistleblower


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