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The Children's Health Defence team have written an important article on why children should not wear ear pods which we have republished here.

The article concentrates on the EMF and RF dangers of using AirPods due to Bluetooth connectivity.


At number 5 on the CHD list of reasons, they mention the issue of magnetic fields being an issue.

Airpods not only have small magnets in them for the mini-speakers, but many have additional powerful neodymium magnets designed for them to 'clip easily together'.

In 2021, a boy 15 years old who had seen the vaccine-induced magnetism first-hand, alerted us to the strong magnets in his AirPods and asked what would happen to someone magnetised if they wore such airpods with these powerful magnets on either side of the brain..


Dr T formed a critical hypothesis that such agents would draw any magnetised nano-particles to the centre of the brain that is the critical spinal cortex.

The importance of this theory and the possible ensuing damage were clearly detailed in her key statement to Not On The Beeb which went viral worldwide with over a million views and was even translated into Spanish.


In 2024, Considering we now know graphene has been found in most pharmaceutical products, mostly notably in dental anaesthetics, watching this video and taking onboard the key message of Dr T's warning is as important now, as it was then.


To find out more on graphene use our search bar and enter word 'graphene'

Film 1 - Vaccine-induced magnetism - True or False?

Film 2   Dr T & NOTB test the public for v-induced magnetism

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Film 4   Dr T's hypothesis

Film 4.2   Dr T's hypothesis with Spanish subtitles

Film 5   Dr T calls all health professionals

Film 6   Z&G with a revelation

Film 7   The Z&G interview


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