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I think the May sun has got to me.

This is the least scientific post I have ever done.

So if you want facts, move on.

But if you'd like some amusement at some co-rona-incidences, read on.

Remember how as soon as the C19 pandemic hit, how quickly specific computer models were made?

Let's take a peek at these images where I am sure the corona-incidences are purely co-rona-incidences and nothing more,.

The Corona Virus computer model

These are not photographs of the actual virus as many believe, but are computer-made images.

The image of the virus took on a religious aura , almost a mania.

Some even wore corona hats.

Spike Proteins in computer modelling

Spike Proteins - the 'eruptions' in red on the 'virus'

Corona eruption on the sun

Solar flares & CMEs

The sun's surface recreated.

What is the difference between a Solar flare and a Corona Mass Ejection CME?

Spike Protein

Is this image of a Corona mass Ejection or an image of a Solar Flare or is it a Corona Virus?

Mind... the corona-incidences don't stop there.

Did you know the word Influenza is derived from 'Influence of the stars' as early astronomers noted solar flares matched the outbreaks of illness?

Have you seen this study where Solar flares are linked to Pandemics?

Have you read the Invisible Rainbow? Here are quick read summaries in multiple languages c/o Claire.

Could symptoms that were labelled as being due to the coronavirus have been due to Coronal Mass Ejections?

Were the symptoms then amplified by the use of man-made EMFs mimicking the natural in influenza-creating frequencies?

Was the clue lying right there in plain sight the whole time?

It was never a secret that these last few years were a period of the solar maximum where these CMEs would be expected.

Yep, I think the sun's rays have got to me... time for some after-solar-exposure cream, and some sensible evening reading...


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Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

When we believe in ghosts, humanity is lost. When, on top of that, we generate ghost ghosts–particles via an animation program on a computer-controlled by deranged people, we lose the connection to Mother Earth and are the cause of our own extinction.

No one has ever seen what they know to be a virus, they have only seen particles that look like what they have been told viruses are supposed to look like.

So, it is based on a fantasy.

How was a genome for the 'virus' found that could not be observed directly or indirectly or separated from anything else in a sequenced sample?

The original patient in Wuhan, one of the most polluted places in the world, presented…


May 20

I do hope you won't be using any sun cream. It's bad for your health. Your skin is the solar panel for your brain. Your body emits UV light as well as absorbs it. We've been lied to about the sun being our enemy, but I think it's mainly because scientists only ever look at one tiny piece of the puzzle and simply don't understand the interconnectedness of the entire system.

The Tetragrammaton podcast has some excellent episodes with the brain surgeon Dr. Jack Kruse on this subject. It's as paradigm shifting as the Invisible Rainbow book.

And if you want to learn more about solar flares etc the DarkHorse Podcast episode "Apocalypse When?" with Ben Davidson is excellent (though…


May 19
Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

Critical thinking requires thinking outside of the box. Thank you for doing just that.


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