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2,200 famous Spanish personalities have been caught buying false C19 vaccination certificates.

The more known they were, the more they were charged.

The names of the rich and famous include the president of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Spain

Why would the president of large pharma company choose not to take a 'safe and effective' C19 vaccine?

The “Jenner Operation” has uncovered at least 2,200 famous people with false Covid-19 vaccination certificates after these were bought from a nurse.

Amongst those that have been investigated are leading singers, musicians, football stars, business people, politicians and top medical personnel.

The scandal involved people being added to the National Immunisation Registry in exchange for money, with many of them familiar faces and household names.

The latest of these to be charged is the President of PharmaMar José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, an IBEX 35 company, and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Spain.

The company is dedicated to researching drugs including cancer, Alzheimer’s and yes... Covid-19.

José María Fernández Sousa Faro

The 76-year-old businessman, who has not yet been summoned to testify, was included in the lists to reflect that he had received the third dose.

The leader of the network was a nursing assistant at the La Paz University Hospital, where he is accused of charging more than €200,000 euros for fraudulently registering 2,200 people as vaccinated in the National Registry against Covid-19. He has been arrested and is currently in custody....

Among those accused are Bruno González Cabrera, a defender who played for Betis, Getafe, Levante and Valladolid. Fabio Díez Steinaker in beach volleyball, runner-up in Europe and fifth in the Sydney Olympic Games. The former Valencian boxer and wrestler José Luis Zapater, alias Titín, who starred in more than a thousand fights.

The famous people investigated so far includes:

  1. José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, President of Pharma Mar

  2. Trinitario Casanova, one of the richest men in Spain

  3. Kidd Keo, trap singer in English and Spanish

  4. Anier, rap singer

  5. Jarfaiter, rap singer

  6. Veronica Echegui, actress

  7. Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, soccer player

  8. Fabio Díez Steinaker, former beach volleyball Olympian

  9. José Luis Zapater, alias Titín, former boxer

  10. Camilo Esquivel, recognised and prestigious doctor.

According to the police who are investigating the 2,200 over false Covid-19 vaccination certificates, the fee was dependent on your social standing.

The more important you were, the higher the price.


José María Fernández Sousa Faro

Fernández-Sousa is Professor of Biochemistry and founded PharmaMar in 1986. He has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 35 years and was a member of the boards of directors of Antibiotics, Penibérica, Pescanova and Cooper-Zeltia, among other companies. The company he chairs, PharmaMar, is one of the leading Spanish pharmaceutical companies and emerged from the absorption of Zeltia in 2015. In 2021 it made a profit of 92.82 million, and in the first quarter of this year it earn 22 million euros, according to its own data.

PharmaMar is listed on the Ibex 35 and is dedicated to researching drugs obtained from marine resources to fight different types of cancer and Alzheimer's. On its website, the company is defined as "a company focused on oncology and committed to research and development that is inspired by the sea for the discovery of molecules with antitumor activity.

"Among other drugs, PharmaMar markets Aplidin for patients with multiple myeloma. This drug is now being tested, in the testing phase and pending authorization from the Ministry of Health, to treat precisely covid patients.  Last March, the president of PharmaMar said in an interview with El Español that he had suffered from coronavirus and had been treated with his company's drug "with positive results".

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