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A new paper was released via the WCH a few days ago.

Interestingly, the paper points out the similarities between Long Covid and Vaccine Injury.

Within the paper's conclusion/discussion, they admit the study is based around the concept of 'the spike protein' being the issue.

This leaves the possibility of toxins like graphene oxide and EMFs being responsible for the conditions we have witnessed out in the open.

Graphene's atomic structure enabling atom-thick 'sheets' or 'flakes'


Understanding the cause of a symptom is crucial in the same way that someone tackling a fire needs to know the fire's cause.

Not all fires are the same.

Water can extinguish a wood fire yet can be catastrophic if used to try and quell a chip pan fire.

Hence fires have multiple 'cures' depending on their source, as shown in the diagram below.

NEW PAPER: Strategies for the Management of Spike Protein-Related Pathology


"...In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, a need has arisen to prevent and treat two related conditions, COVID-19 vaccine injury and long COVID-19, both of which can trace at least part of their aetiology to the spike protein, which can cause harm through several mechanisms.

One significant mechanism of harm is vascular, and it is mediated by the spike protein, a common element of the COVID-19 illness, and it is related to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Given the significant number of people experiencing these two related conditions, it is imperative to develop treatment protocols, as well as to consider the diversity of people experiencing long COVID-19 and vaccine injury.

This review summarizes the known treatment options for long COVID-19 and vaccine injury, their mechanisms, and their evidentiary basis..."

This is the paper's discussion/conclusion

"...The amelioration of symptoms and recovery of large numbers of people worldwide from both long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome and injury requires the use of non-invasive, integrative therapies that can be scaled and administered in a decentralized fashion.

It is important to disseminate this knowledge to the lay public so that they can mitigate their individual risks and those of their loved ones.

While it is difficult to enumerate the true scale of post-vaccination or post-COVID clotting disorders, there has been an appreciable rise in cardiac incidents [29], strokes (inter-cerebral hemorrhages [338]), and non-COVID excess mortality [339,340]. A significant increase in total mortality due to a vaccine is not unprecedented, as the DTP vaccine administered in Guineau-Bissau in the 1980s increased child mortality by four times compared to unvaccinated mortality [341].

While the magnitude of the impact of both long COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome or injury is unclear, it is important to prepare for the potential consequences by having information ready for dissemination, as well as to perform research on promising therapeutics to relieve the damage caused by spike protein and other potential mechanisms of harm, such as DNA integration [342].

One limitation of this study is that it focuses on spike-protein related pathology and can leave out other possibilities, such as allergies to vaccine components, or other disease etiologies.

(NOTE: Or the possibility of graphene oxide poisoning)

Long COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 vaccine syndrome are multifaceted disorders, with highly varied manifestations; as such, the development of objective diagnostics is important in treating patients.

The therapies discussed in this review have a varying evidentiary basis and may serve as starting points for the development of therapies to relieve spike protein-related pathologies in the coming years.

Further research requires validating the treatments outlined in this review by randomized control trial (RCT), observational studies, and laboratory studies of biological mechanism. Furthermore, integration of the current research on spike-protein related disorders is helpful.

One possibility is the application of systems biology tools to describe the perturbations to different biological pathways influenced by the spike protein. When such a model exists, it is possible to treat the acute manifestations of the disease while still clearing spike protein from the body.

Governments and national health services are beginning to come to terms with the sheer magnitude of the task in front of them. This review outlines some of the most promising therapies from an evidentiary and biological mechanistic perspective.

We hope that this article be used in the construction of treatment protocols to treat these highly related conditions in their many disease manifestations, prioritizing not only safety and efficacy, but cost and availability to large numbers of people..."


New Peer-Reviewed Study Outlines Promising Therapies for Treating Long Covid and C-19 Vaccine Injury

An international team of physicians and scientists recently completed the first peer-reviewed research into the available options for treating long Covid and C-19 vaccine injury that will lay the groundwork for a better understanding and potential future treatments for the two conditions.

The study was published this week in the MDPI journal, Microorganisms.

“We are proud to partner with the World Council for Health on this important paper that I hope is the beginning of more research into these poorly understood conditions,” said Paul Marik, M.D., a co-author of the study and the chief scientific officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. “I’m thankful to my colleagues who treat patients suffering from long Covid or vaccine injury every day. In most cases, these patients have nowhere else to go. This research should educate others on the reality of these conditions and how they can be treated.”

“People who are suffering from long Covid or have been harmed by the Covid vaccines are often ignored or have been abandoned by the medical establishment,” said Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, Ph.D.​, a co-author of the study & co-founder of the World Council for Health. “This research shows that there is clear scientific evidence that both long Covid and the Covid vaccines are responsible for spike protein-induced conditions that will require a significant investment of resources before we fully understand these conditions and how to treat them most effectively.”

“I am proud of this great research facilitated by our WCH Health and Science Committee,” Lawrie added. "In addition to Dr Marik, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the paper’s lead author, Matthew Halma and co-author, Christof Plothe.”

Press release:




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