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The Ukraine Recovery Conference has revealed the ulterior motives of the government.

By Anthony Webber

The Ukraine Recovery Conference on 22nd June was a revelation.

Up until now the British public must have wondered what justified their government pouring billions of pounds of their money into a conflict in Ukraine?

Why there? As opposed to anywhere else in the world, where there are many conflicts going on, and many more in need of help.

After all, the UK was involved in Afghanistan, but the cost ( £1bn annually) was a fraction of the UK’s costs of involvement in Ukraine.

Afghanistan was seen as a worthy cause, in that it was protecting human and women’s rights, the education of women, and some freedom and democracy.

This cause of 20 years was embarrassingly dumped due to a “deal” with the Taliban, who had never won a major battle, and there was the great betrayal of veterans and the 26 million Afghan people.

The Truth

It seems that this betrayal was all so that resources could be switched to involvement in Ukraine.

This decision seemed to be bizarre as no direct strategic or economic interests were at stake for the UK.

The public were told it was to protect “our values” and “freedom and democracy” in Ukraine, but had we not just abandoned doing that in Afghanistan?

It soon transpired that there was little of these “values” in Ukraine as their government shut down opposition political parties and media and banned the Russian Orthodox Church. It also became obvious that Azov Neo Nazis had too much political and military control, and that a policy of hatred towards anything Russian was very much fostered.

So hardly a country whose government encourages values of love and understanding between those of different languages who live there.

There is a petition on this issue which is worthy of signing:

The mystery of why the UK government became involved in Ukraine at last became clear with the launch of the Ukraine Recovery Fund.

This means Blackrock and J P Morgan will be setting up bespoke funds in order to “help” Ukraine.

It has been revealed that a number of global corporations are interested in investing in the “recovery” of Ukraine.

What they want, is to make a financial killing on the backs of other people’s miseries. To help themselves!

The scheme is based on a “partnership” of public and private backing.

In reality, this means that the taxpayers take all the risks by underwriting losses which could happen in a conflict or a post conflict situation.

Meanwhile, if there are any profits, then these private corporations will take them!

This all dates back to ongoing discussions President Zelensky and his associates had with Black Rock hedge fund, a massive corporation which owns both Pfizer and AstraZeneca pharmaceutical companies, who they signed a “memorandum of understanding” with in November.

This has led to comments such as “Ukraine is being privatised and sold off to companies like Blackrock, while being enslaved to the IMF ( International Monetary Fund), the US and EU through crippling debt.” ( Going Underground-Twitter comment).

It is a fact that Ukraine is heavily in debt and is being propped up by the governments of the UK, USA, and EU.

If this support ended, the conflict would end without delay.

This petition is well worth signing:

Control of governments and media by global corporations

In this world, large global corporations are able to control government decisions by controlling their key politicians and public servants.

It had always been assumed in the past that bribery and corruption was not a problem in the UK.

However, we have had instances of it, and it is more likely if there are no checks and balances to prevent it.

In the UK, the government have not let go of the means of control of the media they took during the covid “pandemic.”

This control has tightened to the extent that it is virtually impossible to obtain any form of debate on the government’s policies on Ukraine and Russia.

Globalist corporations involved in the media are compliant in this control because it protects their interests.

The control of the media makes it impossible for any government whistleblower to know who to turn to in order to safely provide information.

More reasons to sign the petition:

The Opposition parties are supporting the government, so approaching them would be risky, and a whistleblower would be reticent about even approaching the police.

The situation is a bit like when the mafia-controlled Sicily, the whole of the political/legal/police hierarchy had been taken over, and there had to be major effort for good to overcome evil. Some countries are having similar problems combating the control and influence of powerful drug cartels. The threat to governments by the forces of evil and greed cannot be ignored.

In the UK we have now had three Prime Ministers pursuing the same policies on Ukraine and Russia, and it could be argued that their predecessors were preparing the ground for conflict in Ukraine before that.

Why is no one asking the questions?

Who is asking if the current Prime Minister is acting on behalf of the best interests of the British people or the best interests of certain globalist corporations?

Currently no one. Not the Opposition, not MP’s not the Select ( Scrutiny) Committees, such as on Public Accounts, Foreign Affairs and Defence.

This is exceptionally risky for the wellbeing and security of the nation.

If Prime Ministers with Presidential powers ( as they do de facto have in the UK) as well as senior Ministers can make major decisions and then disappear from office, and then receive large sums of money ( or even before), then our whole system of democratic accountability has been lost and we must regain it.

This is another reason to sign the petition:

What then are the real reasons for the UK government taking the side of the Zelensky government in this conflict?

Ukraine is a country rich in natural resources and there is a contest for who will own them.

The globalist corporations had backed the President Zelensky government and had intents on taking control of these resources.

It just so happens that a huge proportion of these resources are in the lands now under Russian control, which are worth trillions of dollars, and this is why so much emphasis is being put into the so- called counter offensive.

Those who control the Zelensky government ( and that is a mix of global corporations, corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and the USA/Uk/EU governments) are determined to win these lands back, irrespective of the massive losses incurred and with no regard to the fact that the citizens of these lands have voted by referenda to become part of Russia. They are solely concerned with corporate profit. It is nothing to do with liberating these lands as the people do not want to be “liberated!”

To give an idea of the natural resources of Ukraine, they are:

Natural gas and petroleum

Untapped lithium

Iron ore, coal, manganese, salt, graphite, sulphur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, mercury and timber

Very fertile black soil, corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed oil, and more.

The UK is one of the major governments giving massive military and other aid to the Zelensky government.

Without “western” military aid Ukraine would have had to agree a peace deal a long time ago.

However, this is more panic aid as the global corporations are terrified of losing their investments.

They are not paying a penny for this military intervention on their behalf, but they are making sure the politicians invest their taxpayer’s money on their behalf!

So next time Rishi Sunak says that the UK “will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes,” remember that this does not mean the Ukrainian people, as the globalist corporations could not care less about them, but we know it mean their ulterior motives.

This government link shows how extensive this latest commitment to Ukraine is:

It is noticeable how much the UK’s Ukraine commitment is in line with that of the EU’s.

There are other related concerns:

“The Ukraine Development Fund” is a means of channelling money apart from full oversight and is a major money laundering threat.

Such risks appear to be ignored.

We have to stop this flow of our money into a corrupt system as the likelihood of all these billions being wasted is extremely high.

More reasons to sign the very worthy petition which has been no platformed by the mainstream media:

The government links show the UK government underwriting £2billion of lending to Ukraine.

Yet another £240m bilateral assistance

A further £250 m investment in Ukraine

All on top of supplying weaponry of £5bn and still increasing.

All totalling about £15bn plus

This expenditure is going on when the government is telling the public that there is not the money available for even basic services

Also, when the whole country is affected economically in every single area

And they have the gall to make us suffer so that globalist corporations can make fat profits!

Without any democratic mandate!

This is all to prop up a bankrupt regime!

The ulterior motives are that the government expending billions of our money on their Ukraine warmongering is nothing to do with so called “freedom,” “ democracy” and “values.”

It is about globalist vested interests, and those are not the interests of the UK and its people!

This conflict is about, food, energy, raw materials and security. If we want to protect these then the UK should be neutral.

If not, there will be a longer protracted battle for one side owning the natural resources of Ukraine, which the UK will lose out by taking sides.

Ukraine is losing this conflict and never had a chance in the first place.

The British public have been fed a pack of lies by this government, which is immoral and deceitful.

Rishi Sunak promised a government which would be open and transparent and which would earn our trust.

He and the government have done none of this and they must resign even if it means yet another Prime Minister before the next election.

Please sign and share the petition:

Anthony Webber

Independent Political Commentator


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