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This is a focus on injuries to people's eyesight by the C19 jabs within the UK.

Data comes from the UK's yellow card reporting system.


7808 (Pfizer)

14,802 (AZ)

1470 (Moderna)

TOTAL = 24,080


(Data published 24th Feb 2022)

Before reading the data check this key comment from the FB version of this post

"...I know someone who got 2 detached retinas within a week of her first jib, she went completely blind, they did surgery but still has some loss of sight, she will not acknowledge a link at all so won't report it, how many more have not linked the 2 and not reported it 😔..."

Below represents some of the most prevalently reported EYE DISORDERS experienced, not exhaustively listed.

Now Blind - 155 (Pfizer) + 317 (AZ) + 32 (Moderna) = 504

Visual Impairment - 450 (Pfizer) + 832 (AZ) + 51 (Moderna) = 1333

Vitreous Detachment - 21 (Pfizer) + 59 (AZ) + 2 (Moderna) = 82

Conjunctival Haemorrhage - 51 (Pfizer) + 130 (AZ) + 8 (Moderna) = 189

Corneal & Conjunctival Infections, Irritations & Inflammation - 24 (Pfizer) + 13 (AZ) = 37

Eyelid Movement Disorders - 230 (Pfizer) + 237 (AZ) + 38 (Moderna) = 505

Uveitis & Iritis - 88 (Pfizer) + 96 (AZ) + 15 (Moderna) = 199

Eyelid, Lash & Lacrimal Infections, Irritations & Inflammation - 245 (Pfizer) + 245 (AZ) + 43 (Moderna) = 533

Eye Haemorrhage - 37 (Pfizer) + 114 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) = 155

Eye Pain & Swelling - 1918 (Pfizer) + 4047 (AZ) + 458 (Moderna) = 6423

Periorbital Swelling - 127 (Pfizer) + 109 (AZ) + 19 (Moderna) = 255

Eye Allergy, Discharge, Inflammation, Irritation & Pruritis - 478 (Pfizer) + 612 (AZ) + 110 (Moderna) = 1200

Eye Movement Disorder - 42 (Pfizer) + 56 (AZ) + 7 (Moderna) = 105

Ocular Sensation Disorder - 755 (Pfizer) + 1560 (AZ) + 172 (Moderna) = 2487

Pupil Disorders - 45 (Pfizer) + 81 (AZ) + 3 (Moderna) = 129

Retinal Bleeding & Vascular Disorders - 76 (Pfizer) + 175 (AZ) + 10 (Moderna) = 261

Visual Disorders - 1809 (Pfizer) + 3916 (AZ) + 361 (Moderna) = 6086

A petition requesting an urgent investigation and analysis of the C19 Vaccines

The people of Britain and the world need answers and request the British police immediately seize multiple random samples of the various vaccines and conduct an open public independent detailed analysis of the contents. NOTE>>> If you are a nurse, doctor, health professional, scientist, or have relevant qualifications, please sign the Expert's petition 1 - Why are so many people suffering adverse events and death after COVID-19 vaccinations? 2 - Why are so many of our fittest sportspeople collapsing and suffering myocarditis, heart attacks and death post-vaccination? 3 - Why have the vaccine manufacturers withheld ingredients? Undisclosed ingredients are illegal and involve the deception of the public 4 - Why have independent scientific reports of Graphene Oxide and other contaminants not been publicly investigated? 5 - Why are the batches of the vaccine clearly different? As per VAERS data, 100% of all adverse reactions can be attributed to 5% of the batches. This clearly indicates suspect manufacturing. 6- With all these doubts concerning safety, why is the vaccine rollout continuing in British schools?


If you have suffered any form of adverse reaction and are a UK citizen please fill in a witness statement for the case being presented by Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss, Mark Sexton, Dr Samuel White and team.

Please note this is NOT for financial compensation but for an injunction to pause the rollout, whilst safety is established and investigated.

The C19 vaccines are still in stage three trials and are under a black triangle status.

This comment was emailed in:

Thank you for your article on eye disorders after the jab.

I think it is happening to a lot of people who aren't connecting it to the jab.

I know someone who lost 95% of his sight from several strokes after the second dose. His GP said definitely have the booster.

The eye hospital said it was probably caused by the jab and if he had the booster he could lose the remaining 5% of sight. He is someone who is now aware.

I know other people who have lost sight after jabs but won't connect it.

It is caused by visual strokes. Blood clots behind the eyes.

There was a discussion thread on a group about this, and a classroom helper said about 17 of the 30 children had the jab, and about a month after, nearly all of them started wearing glasses.

Is this a coincidence?

It could mean the jabs not only cause blindness, but also general damage to eyes.

Thank you for your research.

There must be optometrists who are aware of this.

Kind regards



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