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Right Said Fred, brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass, hit the UK news yesterday with their plucky stance in a Daily Mail article, creating shockwaves as Richard declared – even though he's been ill with C19 symptoms – he’d never touch the vaccine.

DAILY MAIL QUOTE: "... 'I've had a bit of Covid, it wasn't too bad. I was a little breathless, I felt very tired. This vaccine is only for experimental use, it's on trial until 2023, there is no long-term data on it - anyone who takes it is foolish.

Come 2023 and if everything is fine, I'll do it then. I'm absolutely not going to have one now.'

The nineties star and his brother Fred, who sold over 30million records during a career spanning three decades, also attended an anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square last September and supported anti-mask campaigners via the duo's official Twitter account..."

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Right Said Fred for Not On The Beeb, in partnership with The Light Newspaper, shortly after the epic 2oth March London protest.

After a long dark winter, the atmosphere of the record-breaking Freedom protest was electrifying. There is a short clip of a special moment that became viral at the end of the interview.

The interview starts with two classic songs - one old and one new - warming everyone to the brilliant music these guys have brought us over the years. Richard and Fred are not only talented musicians - they are good fun fellas.

Turn the video up loud.


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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
Aug 23, 2021

I Turn the video up loud and Enjoyed it!

Listen to Right Said Fred talks about the lie logic. I love these three boys, their energy, joy, insight, and human view of life as if they love life itself—wonderful conversation about the obedient musicians and famous people who can be bought as frontrunners for massive propaganda control apparatus. And thanks to Right Said Fred; for take a stand, they have their heart in the right place and do not allow themselves to be manipulated - respect!

These are people the world is waiting for to show the way to all Sovereignty and a future new world in Freedom.

Yes, Mark, they destroy everything we love.

Sovereignty – people do not…


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