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We had our first article on sports injuries on the 4th of November go viral with nearly 300,000 views.

You can read it here

We opened a telegram group to collect the new incidents.

The NOTB sports and injuries group grew to over 1,000 and we qucikly were unable to update the original article.

Sports Injuries exploded into the public consciousness.

To keep up with the daily tsunami we decided to build a new website to cover the incidents called

Cookie, Jan, Dave and Gabriel worked clean through the Christmas New year break to bring this site to you. Thank you!

Dave has built forms so volunteers can enter the data.

Jan has used python skills to read complex records, extracting key data

Gabriel and Cookie have spent days collating the stories.

I built the basic site.

We need more hands.

Writers, copy checkers, web designers/programmers, researchers, film editors and collators.

If you'd like to help in any work for NOTB, email me here:


The site has a news page featuring articles dedicated to singular cases. Mostly written by Cookie.


We have collated 150 incidents so far.

We have an unbelievable 600 more to add.

See the main page here.

Click on the images to open up each incident for more details and source links


We hope this site is of use for you.

Please send it to friends.

Please forward it to sports organisations.

Please share widely.

Donations for NOTB are gratefully received.

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1000 papers prove the PLANdemic Paste in browser without spaces:

bit. do / covidresearch


I am so sick of this covid aka great reset nonsense. But I undertake as a duty to inform people about facts about cheaply, effectively and qucikly curing this so called virus symptoms. Search for c19ivermectin on your search engine. On that website you will find as of right now there are 142 studies. 93 of them are peer reviewed about curing covid19 with ivermectin. These are undeniable evidences. Get your ivermectin before it is too late

Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
Jan 23, 2022
Replying to

The whole thing is nonsense; I just am amazed how many stupid people there are, that fall for the government bllx; hook, line and sinker.

I will look at your web site, if you look up "Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory".

For me, it is about time we stopped popping pills and looked after our own bodies and health - and yes this is new tome as well and only came about during this plandemic and totalitarian take over (Great REset nonsense). Cheers.


Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
Jan 22, 2022

You may want to work together on this list with "Real Science" or "Good Science" - or not; but it seems daft to duplicate things. They have a different format, but whatever you guys do to get the info out is brilliant to me. Link below:

As of today before updating - "495 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 291 Dead, After COVID Shot":




Thank you for the notification. Unfortunately, the fanatical vaccinators and the government do not want to know about damages after vaccinations. Since the mass media are in complete agreement with the propaganda of the politicians, damages after vaccination are mostly ignored. This is a crime of international proportions. It is precisely because of such harmful effects of vaccination that compulsory vaccination should not be introduced. But this was implemented in Austria from February 2022.


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