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Mike Yeadon

Mike Yeadon with a stark observation.

Everyone 'aware and awake' needs to work 24/7 to fight this.

It's now or never.

QUOTE: "...This is extraordinarily disturbing New Zealand promises to HUNT PEOPLE DOWN for not submitting to covid-19 vaccinations

Governments around the world are getting ready to HUNT PEOPLE DOWN if they do not submit to the experimental covid-19 vaccinations (and the upcoming booster shots). New Zealand’s Minister for COVID-19 Response, Chris Hipkins, is openly saying it now: The government will “go out and find you” if you “haven’t come forward.”

In the interview, he said “everyone will” get the shots, even if the government has to “chase after people.” If you refuse to take part in the covid-19 vaccine experiment, the government of New Zealand will “go out and look for” you to ensure your compliance.

Will the unvaccinated be rounded up and put in camps? Patterns from the darkest times of history continue to unravel before our very eyes and they are chilling.

New Zealand will “chase after” and “find” the unvaccinated