Journalist Assaulted by Police - London 19th July

Journalist Willsy's assault by police in London Monday.

(BTW - The man that was strangled by the police during his arrest has gained no media attention.)

QUOTE: "...WHATEVER has happened to the British police? On Monday evening, a TCW reader posted a long amateur film in our Comments section, footage of the ‘Freedom Day’ Parliament Square protests.

It is a disturbing and shocking watch and I found myself almost in a state of anxiety as I looked at it. I thought I was about to witness a police killing, here in the UK.

If you watch, you will see a protester (presumably) held to the ground by a number of officers and a further protective cordon of police around them – designed, it seemed, to stop the possibility of anyone coming to the man’s aid, or seeing what was going on.

This was no two-minute incident. From an early scene of one p