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Journalist Assaulted by Police - London 19th July

Journalist Willsy's assault by police in London Monday.

(BTW - The man that was strangled by the police during his arrest has gained no media attention.)

QUOTE: "...WHATEVER has happened to the British police? On Monday evening, a TCW reader posted a long amateur film in our Comments section, footage of the ‘Freedom Day’ Parliament Square protests.

It is a disturbing and shocking watch and I found myself almost in a state of anxiety as I looked at it. I thought I was about to witness a police killing, here in the UK.

If you watch, you will see a protester (presumably) held to the ground by a number of officers and a further protective cordon of police around them – designed, it seemed, to stop the possibility of anyone coming to the man’s aid, or seeing what was going on.

This was no two-minute incident. From an early scene of one policeman punching the ‘body’ they had pinned down and being pulled off, it went on – later showing another astride the man’s body. It looked as though he could die there. Where was the ambulance?

Why were dozens of police apparently needed to overpower this one man? How and why could that possibly be necessary? He was seen later kneeling then standing up, and did not appear to be armed. He was finally forcefully pushed into the cage of a police van...." Read more

See Will's video here.

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