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Some letters need publishing for the public record...

Dr Andrew Goldsworthy is the retired Lecturer and Biological Safety Officer (retired) of Imperial College London.

When publicising the vaccine-induced magnetism last year, it was Dr Goldsworthy who published with NOTB his theory that single atom-sized graphene Oxide sheets were acting like a paper razor blade and cutting into cell membranes, short-circuiting the electrical potential, in turn causing electromagnetic fields-resulting in magnetism.

A theory that went viral internationally, and to date, has not been disproven.

This is a recent letter that includes not only a summary of the basics of why the idea of vaccinating young children is preposterous but also includes a ground-breaking theory on the reason behind the epidemic of vaccine-induced blood clots that led to the Brits nicknaming the C19 jab as the 'Clot-shot'.

Hi Mark,

I was horrified to learn that COVID vaccines are actually being promoted to children to encourage them to have the jab without the informed consent of either the child (who is a minor) or the parents (who have not been informed of the risks).

These risks include the formation of strange blood clots leading to cardiovascular disorders (including heart attacks) and possibly long COVID.

I would expect similar clots to form in people exposed to electromagnetic fields along with an increased risk of cancer, especially cancer of the blood (Leukaemia).

I am pasting an email below that I wrote to a Group of concerned parents to explain the position as I see it. I think you might find it interesting:

It is morally wrong even to attempt to vaccinate children against COVID, especially if they may have already had the disease and been asymptomatic (and who can tell if this is not so?). The disease is mild in nearly all children and is likely to give better immunity than the vaccine (which targets only specific parts of the virus). But, the jabs also contain excipients such as polyethylene-glycol (PEG) to assist the uptake of the vaccine that may in themselves be harmful. In this case, it is because they form blood clots by making blood cells fuse together in a very characteristic way where long semisolid strings of fused blood cells can be pulled out of affected blood vessels. These are not ordinary clots where the blood cells become entangled in a mesh of fibrin. They are most likely due to the blood cells fusing together to form a syncytium under the influence of the PEG included in the vaccines. How do I know? The answer is that in the dim and distant past I worked on the possible genetic manipulation of plants using protoplasts (cells with their cellulose outer walls removed). They behave very much like animal cells and have to be kept in an isotonic buffer to stop them from bursting. I was trying to fuse cells of different species to give somatic hybrids that could be grown on to regenerate new cellulose cell walls and ultimately new hybrid plants that could not be formed by regular breeding. But interestingly, from our standpoint, is that one of the ways was to centrifuge the naked protoplasts was in solutions of polyethene glycol.

PEG is the same ingredient used in mRNA vaccines.

Could these vaccine-induced clots actually be fused cells rather than regular clots? See It would account for their mechanical strength and apparent inability to reverse their formation. The most relevant part is in Section 3 which discusses fusion using PEG. But it is also worth reading Section 4 on electrofusion. Here cells are treated with a weak alternating field between two converging electrodes.

The constantly changing field induces opposing charges in the adjacent cells and the cells migrate to the region where the field is strongest and where the electrodes are at their closest. They are then "zapped" with a high voltage pulse, sufficient to break down contiguous membranes and cell fusion can occur.

It is possible that this may occur in the peripheral blood vessels in regular "domestic" alternating fields (including WiFi) which could result in abnormal and potentially cancerous cells (leukaemia?) originating where the major blood vessels narrow into capillaries. Food for thought, but until this can be cleared up beyond doubt, it would be morally indefensible to vaccinate our young children against COVID.

Best wishes Dr Andrew Goldsworthy

Lecturer and Biological Safety Officer (retired) of Imperial College London.

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03 ago 2022


My first thought when I read about the cells fusing was "Hydra Vulgaris"!

Me gusta

17 jul 2022


Me gusta

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