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(updated with correction)

Huge news as Canadian Patrick King collapses a $1200 court case.

He was being fined for breaking the corona-rules.

He subpoenaed local health officials asking them to prove the existence of the virus.

They of course failed.

A must watch.

4 key court documents below 👇👇👇

CORRECTION: The show incorrectly said King had won the case, whereas his victory was the admission that the prosecutors had no evidence.

Watch the clarification here:

(Thanks Maurizio and Andy for highlighting the error)

This reminds me of a letter I was printing off and handing out to my local shops a few months back.

This is on FOI that was made to UK Government Criminal Presecution Service in the winter, asking how many people had been prosecuted nationally for breaking the UK's corona rules? The Result might surprise you.

Yes, it confirms all cases in the UK up until later Feb were dropped as they had been 'incorrectly charged" and due to "insufficient evidence."

Here are the 4 key court documents King used below 👇👇👇

Download PDF • 959KB

Download PDF • 6.05MB

Download PDF • 263KB

Download PDF • 193KB


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