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Did you think that only COVID vaccines contained graphene? Well, now this nanomaterial has been also found in the flu vaccine Vaxigrip Tetra.

La Quinta Columna revealed this information today in its 84th program.

This vial's analysis is being carried out by a researcher, for the moment anonymous, who is in contact with the Spanish team.

It's impressive that La Quinta Columna's suspicions regarding the composition of the vaccines produced during the last few years have been correct in every way. The analyses that are being carried out confirm that Big Pharma has been exposing people to graphene for a long time, intoxicating them in silence.

Orwell City has rushed to get the scoop today and, as usual, brings you the key excerpt from the program. In it, you can see the optical microscopy photographs and note the similarity of the detected nanomaterial to the graphene oxide described in the scientific literature.

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