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Dr Jimmy Gutman on Cancer and Glutathione

In this 30-minute presentation and Q&A with world glutathione expert Dr Jimmy Gutman, he explains the complex relationship between cancer and glutathione.

He explains the studies which show glutathione precursor supplementation can improve the effectiveness (if this route was chosen) of chemo and radiation.

Dr Gutman's paper "Therapeutic Potential of Glutathione Augmentation in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy"can be found here

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What is Cachexia?

Cachexia is severe weight loss due to cancer. Tackling it has been an age-long quest and one that has bothered me for personal reasons deeply "...Cancer cachexia is a specific form of cachexia that occurs in patients with various types of malignancies, affecting approximately 50-80% of cancer patients. It is particularly prevalent in patients with advanced stages of cancer and is responsible for a significant proportion of cancer-related deaths. This debilitating syndrome is marked by severe involuntary weight loss due to muscle wasting and the loss of adipose tissue, resulting in physical impairment and reduced tolerance to cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The exact mechanisms leading to cancer cachexia are still not completely understood, but it is believed to involve a combination of tumour-derived factors, host immune response, and systemic inflammation, which collectively contribute to the accelerated breakdown of muscle and fat tissues...." Basically, advanced cancer deprives the body of needed nutrients whereby the patient suffers dramatic weight loss akin to starvation. As you can see in the video above, patients with severe cachexia were divided into two groups. One group were the standard placebo and the other had a few pouches of Immunocal daily. The results are astounding. The next year only 50% of the control group were alive, whereas 80% of the group with supplementation had survived. I personally wish I'd known this years ago. You now have this information. Please share it with those at need.

If you'd like some more info in the meantime join our Glutathione group.


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