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NHS and Royal Mail join forces to invite millions to submit blood samples


By Lara Bexwell

A GROUP headed by someone who received an OBE for services to the Covid 19 response and one who is the chairman of the Gates Foundation Global Health Advisory Board want to keep your DNA on file for research into risks of future disease.

Not on the Beeb has been told that 21 million Britons have been written to by the NHS, together with a new charitable organisation called ‘Our Future Health’.

The letter was signed by two people. The first was Raghib Ali OBE, who is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. According to the Our Future Health website, Ali is the CMO of Our Future Health and an NHS Consultant in Acute Medicine. Ali was awarded the OBE in 2022 for ‘services to the NHS and the Covid-19 response’.

The second was Professor Sir John Bell GBE, FRS, Chairman Our Future Health. In 1993, Bell founded the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. In 2008 he joined the Gates Foundation Global Health Advisory Board, which he has chaired since 2012. Among many other things since then, Bell held ‘prominent roles’ during the COVID-19 epidemic, including enabling the development of the testing platforms for LFTs and helping initiate the PCR programme nationally.

The letter stated: “This is an opportunity to take part in research and learn new information about your blood pressure, cholesterol and future risk of disease.

“Our Future Health will be the UK’s largest ever health research programme, with up to five million volunteers.”

On the reverse of the letter, it read “This invitation was sent to “randomly selected addresses in specific areas of the UK through the Royal Mail.”

The Royal Mail Press Office was asked about their involvement but said they “couldn’t provide that level of information” and to ask Our Future Health.

The letter continues: “Taking part includes answering some questions about yourself, providing a blood sample… the future you will have the option to receive information on your risk of some diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, stroke and some cancers. This will be calculated using the information you provide and analysis of the DNA in your blood sample.

This appears to suggest that, at first, all participants will be doing is choosing to send their blood and DNA to a group headed by those who shaped the devastating response to Covid, simply so that group can keep those records on file.

It appears that participants would then have to request information on their risk of disease [“in the future you will have the option to receive information…”].

The letter also adds that the charity is supported by many organisations, including the NHS, but other health charities and companies – and the Government.

And the charity added what they regard as a small sweetener to it in the form of a £10 voucher to ‘recognise the time and effort of volunteering’. It says participants can either choose to accept the voucher or donate it back to the Our Future Health charity…

Our Future Health said:

“We are working closely in partnership with UK healthcare authorities and the NHS. They are providing significant input and support to our programme, including how we invite people across the UK to join. Healthcare professionals also have a strong influence over the design and operation of the programme through our governance.

Twenty-one million invitation letters have been sent in the UK so far, but anyone can join whether they have received a letter or not.

Most of our letters have been sent via the NHS Digitrials service, more information about that can be found here: NHS DigiTrials – NHS Digital, individuals can opt out of receiving post from NHS DigiTrials at any time."

“We are inviting existing blood donors to join Our Future Health via the NHS Blood and Transplant service. We are also working with direct mail partners, initially iMail and now Whistl, to assist with the distribution of non-personalised invitation letters, these partners have a close relationship with Royal Mail.”

However, if 21 million letters have gone out, each with a £10 voucher for redemption, that adds up to a potential spend of £210 million from what is being stated as a charity.

This begs the question, where is that money coming from and how has a charity managed to raise such a significant amount?

And interestingly, I received another exact same letter a few days ago, so it’s not just one letter per ‘random’ household.



So far 1,176,485 people have signed up as of 23rd January 2023.

That represents over £10.1m in vouchers spent by the 'charity' to date.

Have you received this letter?

And what are your thoughts on it and this article?

Please add comments below.

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12 במרץ
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I got an invite. After reading that my DNA " could " be shared with 3rd parties I declined


24 בינו׳
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Thanks for the warning. I've not received a letter but Gates and Welcome? How can the intentions be anything other than sinister and self-serving?


24 בינו׳
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These guys won't stop at anything, P_L_E_A_S_E :(

They think we learnt nothing, especially in the past four years.

They underestimate us at their peril.

The smell of fear from the WEF and associate criminals is palpable.

They shall not pass :)

Take care everyone


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Control by any means....