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In this mini-focus on Australia, I've chosen a few videos that I believe paint a picture.

First, a call for help from the elders of Australia. Please listen to the end.

What are the official restrictions?

(Australia has 6 main states - these rules are from Queensland)


This screenshot of an FB post was sent in by a NOTB member.

This is WA Premier Mark McGowan

More here on his decision.

QUOTE: ".....Mark McGowan's shocking Christmas present for Queenslanders as he makes them quarantine for 14 days after entering Western Australia

• Western Australia introduces a hard border to Queensland over Omicron fears

• Premier Mark McGowan will require visitors from the state to quarantine

• The move closes off the WA to all mainland states and territories in Australia

Here are two Politicians on camera, each with opposing views on the national situation.

It's interesting to watch the demeanour, body language and eyes of these two men.

First, here is the pro-narrative Politician. (it's a short 1.37 clip)

In this second video, Senator Gerard Rennick makes a stand for the injured and basic human rights.

Is the mood changing?

QUOTE: ".....Australia's expert immunisation panel has distanced itself from state-enforced Covid-19 vaccine mandates and says it never recommended them.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) insists no recommendation was made at any time to the states regarding mandatory vaccine rules, which have sparked widespread protests across the country.

The advisory body was grilled at a parliamentary committee hearing on Wednesday, where it was asked the controversial mandates are still necessary if 90 per cent of the population are double jabbed....“

People taking to the streets to protest. Today 12th Dec 2021.

(This is a teaser call-to-action video)

Never give up - Free Australia

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