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Take a good long look at this map of Germany, with the colours of each area mapping the incidence of something - yellow meaning less, red meaning more.

Very clearly, we can see the colours highlight the old West and east Germany, made clearer by the green line.

Do the hot spots map political opinion?

Does the map represent the preference for a particular type of German sausage?

Or, just maybe, this is a map that calculates the likelihood of finding relics of the Stazi (old german state police) in the attic, or, or finding a classic East German-built Lada car in an abandoned barn?

No, none of the above.

I'm sure you have probably guessed the reality, however improbable.

The map incredulously represents the covid 19 hotspots, which leaves only one burning question.

How can a pathogen, that has caused lockdowns and worldwide pandemania, stop transmission at old national borders that have not even existed since the early 90s?

This (map above) is the Omicron BA.5 wave in central Europe, and it is attended by a curious phenomenon: Every day, you can see more clearly the borders of the old DDR in the district-level data. I’ve traced these in green just to make the phenomenon clearer.

Yes yes, there are systematic demographic differences between East and West Germans, and there are probably some differences in testing rates, but above all, there is an important difference in vaccine uptake. In this map of triple vaccination rates across my country, the old DDR borders are also evident:

This map details the vaccination uptake of the German regions

East Germans have direct experience with government propaganda and have proven more resistant to the vaccination campaign than Westerners. Their reward, after being much maligned by state media, is now higher levels of natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.

As the effects of vaccine failure grow clearer, you have to wonder how long the pandemicists will be able to publish even simple infection statistics, without raising extremely awkward questions.

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
08 lug 2022

Everything is a deception created to control the controllable!

It's easy ;-) to explain, an 'in silico' virus goes where everything else is impossible ....

The Big Problem in the modern worldwide pseudo-science is that the New Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (in the publication called 2019-nCoV and in February 2020 named SARS-CoV-2 by an international consortium of virus experts) is based on in silico (theoretical) sequences, delivered from a laboratory in China because neither control material of infectious ("live") or inactivated SARS-CoV-2 nor isolated genomic RNA from the virus was available to the author's method for purification and isolation of SARS- CoV-2 virus.

They even mention the madness in the paper Christian Drosten et al. say; "We aim to develop and implement…

Mi piace

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