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The parents of the vaccine injured have been doing their best to help other parents avoid repeating their mistakes.

Gaslighted by the very industry that caused these injuries, who in turn then paid the world's most powerful marketing companies to invent and push the propaganda term "Anti vaxxer" in an attempt to quieten the parent's voices.

This short little film was made by the parents of the injured children in 2012.

If their voice had been heard 11 years ago, we might not have 80% of the population contributing to record-breaking excessive deaths as we are now seeing in 2023.

A gentle loving tool to plant a seed of curiosity in parents considering vaccinating their babies. This was created by parents in the international Vaccine Injury community in 2012.

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English version

Arabic version

See on youtube here

Indonesian version

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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
Mar 22, 2023

Why give immunity to a manufacturer when the product is – safe, necessary and effective?

Think about the fact that we live in a world where those who manufacture vaccines to be injected into the most precious we have, little newborns, and the industry are immune if something goes wrong.

It doesn't sound right – We can't even agree on reality anymore.

Aaron Siri (Part 1): Why Are Vaccine Manufacturers the Most Protected Companies in America?


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