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7th AUG 22 - a preliminary study on 300+ young people shows the risk of heart injury could be close to 1 in 3.

"The most common cardiovascular effects were:

Tachycardia (7.64%)

Shortness of breath (6.64%)

Palpitation (4.32%)

Chest pain (4.32%)

Hypertension (3.99%).

Seven participants (2.33%) exhibited at least one elevated cardiac biomarker or positive lab assessments.

Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis.

Under the article, there is a key comment by Dr Paul Spradbery

Received: 12 August 2022 Commenter: Dr Paul Spradbery, MRSB

Comment: The sentence, "The clinical presentation of myopericarditis after vaccination was usually mild, with all cases fully recovering within 14 days" could be misleading. Myopericarditis leads to cardiac tissue scarring and hence impaired ability to pump blood.

Given that long-term prognosis is often poor, a "full recovery" would be unlikely and, therefore, dangerous to predict.

The data in general are quite disturbing, particularly in the light of the facts that: (a) the risk of SARS-CoV-2 to adolescents is statistically zero; and (b) the drugs are not vaccines, prevent neither infection nor transmission, do not reduce individual viral load and are proven uniquely dangerous. It is, in my view, about time the entire medical and scientific professions echoed the admirable Christine Anderson, Member of the European Parliament: "This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history. Moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity."


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