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5th November

5.11pm EST

I think this will be

22.11pm GMT

Please join in a powerful, much-needed, synchronized FOUR-MINUTE prayer for peace love, compassion, and world peace, on Sunday, November 5th at 5:11pm EST.

Imagine the impact of one billion people across the globe praying, meditating, visualizing, and focusing our attention together at the exact same moment, wherever we are in the world. 2:11pm PST. 5:11pm EST. 11:11pm EU. We will transcend time zones, continents, cultures, fears, limitations. What changes can we create?

You can pray or meditate in nature, at your desk, in your car––wherever you find yourself. If possible, you might choose to come together in person in a group. Our only request is to please turn off all electronic devices during the prayer (no livestreams or zoom sessions) so that your attention is entirely focused on love, compassion, and world peace.

We, the people of this world, need to come together in love and prayer. The time is now. May we be heard.

Thank you.


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Cliff Hjulskov
Cliff Hjulskov
Nov 02, 2023
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I so agree with you, Mark, that we humans have to take responsibility now!

Mark, as you surely know, I am not a praying man; meditation resonates with me, and I think is a unique element that I can relate to 100%. Let the energy of people come together; let's all connect in one powerful moment ❣️

I so agree with your consideration of consciousness and why we are here on earth.

This brings us to the very core of the problem, which is that ultimately the driving force behind this evil is not just money, but a dark spiritual dimension that hates humanity and wants to destroy our world.

It is typical that these dark…


Nov 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic idea. The power of prayer is a great thing!


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