• Mark

The Magnet Challenge - How magnetic are you?

Since the inception of life on this planet, no plant, animal or human has ever been magnetic. Within the last couple of months, we are discovering for the first time in history, that humans are indeed showing new magnetic properties.

What has happened?

When I first saw a video of a magnet sticking to the arm of somebody, I smiled and quickly flicked by to something of real interest. Then someone sent me another magnet video. I hesitated slightly and moved on to some- thing else. That evening, two friends called me to confirm their findings. Anne had been at a dinner party and had waited until the guests were relaxed on their second bottle of wine before pulling her magnet out. Carl, had filmed himself attaching a magnet to the arm of his mother and it had gone viral.

A quick search on the internet found the usual suspect ‘fact checkers’ de- bunking this magnet phenomenon - a clear telltale sign of a coverup. My ‘favourite’ fact checker of all Snopes, had featured Carl’s video of his mother calling it fake. There was only one thing to do–I packed my camera, jumped on the train down to the South Coast to find out for myself–whether a magnet would be attracted to his mother's arm, or not.

Carl quickly demonstrated the spot of magnetism on his mother. Even though I was inches away, I asked Carl to take the camera so I could try for myself. Feeling a magnet being tugged out of your hand, by a subtle yet defined magnetic force from under the skin of a living human being, is quite a shock. As children, we all played with magnets. Delighted to see them jump and spin. To test what they stuck to, and what objects they didn’t. And, when we let go of them, no magnet ever stuck to our fingers.

Sensing the magnet being repelled, and trying to flip so that the