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British MP Andrew Bridgen organised a session of experts to speak and deliver their expert-opinions on the C19 vaccine rollout and the corresponding excess deaths to parliament.

These are the Doctors who spoke to parliament.

Before we have a look at the speeches given by a group of carefully selected experts to the parliament, let's have a peek at the other side of the fence.

This is Boris Jonson the ex 'prime' minister of the United Kingdom explaining to his peers how he managed to lose 5,000 critical, and no doubt incriminating WhatsApp messages...


Back to the serious issue of vaccine-induced fatalities that are causing a clear rise in many nation's excess death rate.

Of course, the BBC and other controlled outlets will invent reasons for the undeniable rise in the excess death rate but the connection to the vaccine rollout is not only clear, but many of us warned of the expected dangers and BEFORE the excess death rate could be measured.

After publishing our work on v-induced magnetism in 2021, I called the C19 jab campaign 'the greatest attack ever witnessed on humanity' a call which is now being echoed more and more. My reasoning was the vaccine-induced magnetism proved an attempt at transhumanism.

It is imperative to bear in mind that when it comes to realising the connection between the jab rollout and the excess deaths, there are two narratives being used to explain the situation.

  1. The jab rollout was rushed due to the emergency pandemic and accidents in safety/invention transpired. i.e. 'we did our best but made mistakes'

  2. The jab rollout was an intentional bioweapon carefully designed and pushed on the population using advanced psychological coercion techniques. The ultimate goals being population reduction and transhumanism.

Not On The Beeb has been calling for a full and comprehensive investigation into the C19 'vaccine' with over 16,000 people signing our petition of which over 1,000 are doctors and health professionals.



Yeadon could not attend in person, so sent his speech by a video presentation.

The remote controller was lost so Yeadon's testimony could not be played.

Here is Yeadon's video.

It is followed by the recordings from the event.


The speech that was not played due to a lost remote control...

Mike Yeadon, Ph.D. immunologist and former Pfizer Chief Scientist worldwide for respiratory pharmacology and product development, speaks from a thirty-year career in pharmacological research and development, new product development, and as a Biotech entrepreneur. He has been a courageous Whistleblower since the fall of 2020, warning about the damage to pregnancy development as a result of the spike protein, similarity to a critical placental protein, and lipid nanoparticle damage to the ovaries and testicles. He is also Chief Scientific Advisor for Truth for Health Foundation and an expert witness on damage from the COVID gene therapy injections. His warnings two years ago are clearing being played out in the damage to people we are seeing now. He brings a global perspective to the vaccine injuries, and overall agenda with the COVID shots.


The speech was not able to be played either.

Awards & Recognition

  • Top Internist and Cardiologist of the Year, International Association of Top Professionals, 2023

  • Simon Dack Award for Scholarly Excellence, American College of Cardiology 2009

  • Chest Foundation Young Investigator Award, Philadelphia, 2001

  • 11th International Vicenza Award in Critical Care Nephrology, International Renal Research Institute, Vicenza, Italy, 2013

  • Chief Medical Resident's Best Teacher Award, Henry Ford Hospital, 1999

  • Has also received multiple humanitarian awards for his pandemic service.

  • Has made presentations on the advancement of medicine across the world and has been an invited lecturer at the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the European Medicines Agency.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the outset of the pandemic, has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster.

  • Worked as an attending physician throughout the pandemic.

  • Has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV2, in the American Journal of Medicine, subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

  • Subsequently published the first detoxification approach titled “Clinical Rationale for SARS- CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes” in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Has dozens of peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively in the media on the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Testified in the US Senate, Colorado General Assembly, State Senates of Arizona, Texas, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.

  • Has dedicated several years of academic and clinical efforts over the course of the pandemic and, in doing so, has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, press releases, and has been considered among the world's experts on COVID-19.


Founder and Chairman of M-CAM International and RASA Energy. Batten Fellow of the University of Virginia. Doctorate from the University of Virginia. Master of Science from Ball State University. Undergraduate degree from Goshen College. Holds academic appointments in medicine, law and economics and his work includes publications in each of these fields.

Founded the first FDA medical device clinical trials centre at UVA while on the medical school faculty in radiology and orthopaedic surgery.

Through his company Mosaic Technologies, worked on global investigation of biological and chemical weapons. Led numerous defence-to-civilian technology transfer programs with the world's largest companies and countries.

His firm M-CAM was responsible for leading investigation and supporting prosecution of some of the largest financial frauds in US history as a contractor for the US Treasury. M-CAM was the first firm in history hired by the US Department of Commerce to audit the quality of patents in the U.S. after which it was contracted to do the same work by the European Union.

Maintains the world’s leading three equity indexes, published by Solactive, measuring the impact of innovation on global markets and created the CNBC IQ100 Index which consistently outperforms the Dow Jones Industrials, the Russell 1000, and the MSCI Global Index.

His work for the UK Foresight Programme was instrumental in developing UK and global policy on innovation and global development.


Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, and Pulmonary Medicine.

Led ICUs in multiple COVID-19 hotspots throughout the pandemic. Co-authored over ten influential papers on COVID-19 with the most impactful being a paper that was the first to support the diagnosis of early COVID-19 respiratory diseases as an organising pneumonia, thus explaining the critical response to the disease to corticosteroids.

Is President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. The FLCCC is a non-profit organization of critical care specialists led by Professor Paul Marik whose mission has been focused on the research and development of effective treatment protocols for COVID-19 using repurposed drugs. In collaboration with Paul Marik, pioneered the research and treatment of sepsis with high doses of intravenous Vitamin C, identifying the critical relationship between the timing of the start of treatment and the survival of patients – an aspect which led to an appreciation of all the failed randomised controlled trials.

Is most known for his Senate Testimony calling attention to the critical need for corticosteroid use in hospitalised patients in May 2020 and for ivermectin use in early outpatient prevention and treatment in December of 2020. Most recently, based on his extensive research with the FLCCC, has become one of the most sought-after experts on the use of ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. His book, “The War on Ivermectin” has achieved best seller status in multiple book categories on Amazon US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Former positions:

  • Program Director of a Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Training Program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City.

  • Chief of the Critical Care Service and Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin.


Silicon Valley entrepreneur, MIT graduate and philanthropist.

Founded seven high tech companies. Founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

Been featured on 60 Minutes and profiled in Forbes.

Has one of the most widely read Substacks in the world with over 1500 articles about vaccine safety.


  1. American physician and biochemist.

  • Early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals and drug repurposing research.

  • In the late 1980s, while a graduate student researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California, conducted studies on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology, discovering that it was possible to transfer mRNA protected by a liposome into cultured cells to signal the information needed for the production of proteins. Nature magazine described this as a landmark experiment.

  • With Philip Felgner, performed experiments on the transfection of RNA into human, rat, mouse, Xenopus, and Drosophila cells, work which was published in 1989.

  • In 1990, contributed to a paper with Jon Wolff, Dennis Carson and others, which first suggested the possibility of synthesizing mRNA in a laboratory to trigger the production of a desired protein. These studies are recognized as among the earliest steps towards mRNA vaccine development.

  • Director of Clinical Affairs for Avancer Group,

  • Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine,

  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Biotechnology at Kennesaw State University.

  • CEO and co-founder of Atheric Pharmaceutical, which in 2016 was contracted by the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases to assist in the development of a treatment for the Zika virus by evaluating the efficacy of existing drugs.

  • Until 2020, Chief Medical Officer at Alchem Laboratories, a Florida pharmaceutical company.


  1. Career:

  • Foundation Professor of Oncology of the University of London, St George's Medical School, now called SGUL (1992-present)

  • Principal of the Institute of cancer vaccines and Immunotherapy. (ICVI)

  • Visiting Professor at the Earle Chiles Research Institute, Portland , Oregon, USA

  • Visiting Professor at the University of Stellenbosch South Africa.

  • Previously Visiting Prof at the Institute of Cancer Research.

  1. o Awarded the Joshua Lederberg prize (2011) for his role in developing Lenalidomide for Myeloma and Lymphoma, now approved in over 100 countries and which still sells over $10bn a year, making it one of the most successful cancer agents ever.

  • Over 500 publications.

  • Numerous patents in HIV and cancer vaccines, the IMiDs (Lenalidomide and

  • First to describe CD4 as the HIV receptor.

  • First to link HIV to slim disease and aggressive Kaposi's sarcoma.

  • First to use immunotherapy in cancer in the UK including IL-2 and several cancer vaccines.

  • First to resurrect Thalidomide which led to the IMiD development with Lenalidomide.

  • First to declare that an HIV vaccine based on the envelope would never work - still 100%

  • First to declare that the COVID spike protein had 80% homology with human proteins and hence would be ineffective and induce unacceptable side effects including clotting and neurological disease.


  1. Board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. Has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. Earned MD in 1997.

  • Chief Fellow, Dermatopathology Fellowship, Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology (July 2002 - June 2003)

  • Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Mayo Clinic (July 1997-June 2002)

  • Chief Fellow, Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Mayo Clinic (same)

  • Research in immunology, Medical College of Virginia (1993-1997)

  • President of Student Family Practice organization: coordinated activities and seminars on the practice of family medicine and rural medicine.

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What a fantastic set of presentations! Are the slide stacks available?


Dec 18, 2023
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Thank you notonthebeeb for everything you do!!


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