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By Prof. Federico A. Nazar

Apparently, heat-related deaths in the UK could increase to 7,040 deaths per year by 2050 according to CCRA3 Technical report.


Yet, a heat-period is suspiciously defined as days when a Level 3 Heat Health Alert is issued or when the mean Central England temperature is greater than only 20°C (68 F).

Following the illogic, anybody traveling to a warm vacation is a climate kamikaze, committing suicide (besides being a climate terrorist for using an airplane).

How did they manage to show more heat deaths than cold deaths, when it should be the other way round?:

Bogus definitions: “if a heat-period lasts three days we would compare deaths on those three days, with three days before and three days after. UKHSA compare the number of deaths during a heat-period to the average of the 14 non-heat-period days before and 14 non-heat-period after the heat-period. there were 5,017 deaths above average in those aged 70 years and over, compared with 1,749 deaths below average in those aged under 70 years.”: 2

Estimated excess mortality (excluding COVID-19 and adjusted for registration delays) for aged 65 years and over in 2022 compared to +/- two-week baseline deaths for each heat-period, England

  1. Defining heat-days as at least 3 days with temperatures over 20°

  2. Reducing the period of analysis to only 2 months in the summer, where non-heat days are also pretty warm but not 3 in a row.

  3. Comparing deaths in a heat period with at least twice a non-heat period (3 to 16 days before and 3 to 16 after).

Climate deaths are the new COVID deaths. As with COVID deaths, they hide the primary cause of deaths to hide the real reasons, especially vaccination. Correlation is not causation. Heat-deaths are in fact deaths of 70+ elderly, mainly because some can’t drink enough water or take off clothes by themselves when they are hot.

Unlike tropical countries, in colder countries like the UK, cold-deaths are much higher than heat-deaths, because cold periods are longer and respiratory diseases are more severe in cold weather, being the leading cause of death related to temperature.

This graph shows that something is not right, considering they seem to claim that heat causes diseases which we know have zero relation to higher temperatures (like diabetes, dementia, respiratory, intestinal cancer), of course, they wouldn’t include the vaccination status:

“daily mortality rates remained elevated during less warm temperatures after the heat-periods; the excess mortality during Autumn and Summer 2021 and Spring and Summer 2022 was above the five-year average, even when temperatures were typical for England.”:

What happened in the 2021 vaccine year? Even subtracting COVID deaths, excess death jumped like never before both in heat and non-heat periods. It would be ironic if climate scientists come up with the theory that vaccines were too hot.

Finally, there’s no need to instill fear when heat deaths could be easily prevented:

“The main risks posed by a heatwave are:

  1. not drinking enough water (dehydration)

  2. overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people who already have problems with their heart or breathing

  3. heat exhaustion and heatstroke

“the most vulnerable people are:

  • older people – especially those over 75 and female

  • those who live on their own or in a care home

  • people who have a serious or long-term illness including heart or lung conditions, diabetes, kidney disease, Parkinson's disease or some mental health conditions

  • people who are on multiple medicines that may make them more likely to be badly affected by hot weather

  • those who may find it hard to keep cool – babies and the very young, the bed bound, those with drug or alcohol addictions or with Alzheimer's disease

  • people who spend a lot of time outside or in hot places – those who live in a top-floor flat, the homeless or those whose jobs are outside” 3

Why were so many headlines wasted on heat-deaths without giving simple solutions to the above problems like hydration, avoiding excercise in heatwaves, avoid haccination, taking care of the homeless, etc.?

“The total estimated excess mortality (excluding COVID-19) during heat-periods in those aged 65 years and over was estimated to be 2,803, the highest number in any given year.” Out of 180 000 deaths 4 this is only 1.7%, but the majority belong to 70+ y.o., where the primary cause of death is an underlying comorbidity and still, they would have died from anything in the next few years, with low public health / epidemiological impact, low global burden of disease, low QALY (Quality-Adjusted Life Years) and DALY (Disability-Adjusted Life Years):

Weekly number of deaths in England and Wales from January 2020 to September 2022

The two huge 2021 peaks correlate with vaccination, not heat.

Deaths from extreme temperatures are not the main problem from natural disasters:

#ClimateFreedom organizations

Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)

Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

Heartland Institute

Independent Committee on Geoethics

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International Climate Science Coalition

New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

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CLEXIT – Climate Exit Coalition

Climate Depot


The Global Warming Challenge

Personal carbon allowances (PCAs)

In 2019 Mastercard with Doconomy issued the DO card for a “climate impact cap”. 5 World Economic Forum wrote: “we need to reduce our (individual) carbon footprint… DO monitors and cuts off spending, when we hit our carbon max.” 6

A WEF video by the, “A feast for the future” 7, required to “save the planet”, that each adult reduced consumption per week to:

  • 1 beef burger

  • 2 portions of fish

  • 1 egg

Before 2050, they plan to ban beef and lamb. 8 It could be much sooner: they are trying in Oregon9 and failed in Switzerland 2022 for a low margin: 2 out of 5 voted to ban factory farming. 10

2021, “A PCA scheme would entail all adults receiving an equal, tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national targets … encompassing individuals’ carbon emissions…

Allowances were envisioned to be deducted from the personal budget with every payment for transport fuel, home-heating fuels and electricity bills. People in shortage would be able to purchase additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell.

  • 72 Targets across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • inclusion of food-related emissions

  • high-carbon foods, which on average use more land per calorie provided, will be less favoured

  • transition to lower-carbon living

  • support the transition to clean energy while reducing emissions

  • negative impacts on high-carbon sectors

  • including embedded emissions in goods and services

  • integrated with land-based carbon sequestration schemes

  • robust carbon accounting, monitoring, verification and reporting

other lessons that could be drawn (from the pandemic) relate to the public acceptance in some countries of additional surveillance and control in exchange for greater safety.” 11

This will be worse than the Chinese Communist Party “Social Credit System”, where people scores go up with compliance and down with resistance, including who one meets. 12

“The worldview promoted by the green agenda, the health dictatorship, and the globalist oligarchy is devoted to dismantle the remnants of state sovereignty, and the subjugation and colonization of the last strongholds of human identity: the body (now transformed into another commodity) and the family. [It] allows large corporations to penetrate even the most intimate aspects of the human being: sexuality, family and the very body of each individual who will not have the right to exist outside the rules and controls imposed by the dystopian regime born of the Green Agenda and the New Normal.” 13

Net zero emissions means decarbonisation. Decarbonization means depopulation. Life is emissions, targeting emissions is targeting life:

  • We exhale carbon dioxide (so do animals).

  • We eat products that produce emissions.

  • We flatulate greenhouse gases. 14

  • We excrement 20% of methane. 15

  • We are 20% carbon.16 The bodies of our descent will eventually release it when they die.

  • We emit by burning fuel (even renewable ones) but also by producing and using renewable energy.

In their twisted minds, we are all presumed eco-terrorists just by living (i.e. carbon footprint). The decarb plan is to murder us by gradual economic strangling. The decarbon fanatics won’t stop until we cease to breath. For the eco-maniacs, we are carbon ticking bombs: the best man is a dead one. They want us dead… but they refuse to give an example and go first.

In 2013, Rick Heede found that 90 companies were responsible for two-thirds of all industrial carbon dioxide, more than most countries. Nearly all of those companies are owned by the globalist funds like BlackRock, Vanguard, etc.: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Of course, they’ll never stop using private jets or rockets.

Life is carbon: just as trees are carbon sinks, so are we (and all the biosphere, including cows), but that argument destroys the carbon lethal ideology. Life is a cycle and that includes carbon. Yet, they refuse to accept the whole picture: what we sink now, it’s going to be released sooner or later. Carbon is life. By destroying the carbon cycle they foster death.

One proof of their insanity is Carbon Capture tech. 18 They spend millions in techie solutions which has a much lower decarb-return-on-investment than planting trees (or even using the wood to replace carbon-energy-intensive competing materials such as ceramics). The landmark of ideology is that ideas are detached from rational economic analysis.

Globalist UN Secretary General António Guterres disclosed their plans "The bottom line is, by 2030, we must cut global emissions by 45% compared to 2010 levels to get to net zero emissions by 2050. That is how we will keep the hope of 1.5 degrees alive." 19

Under the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) resulting in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, carbon credits were invented as a result of the fake idea of controlling greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide

There’s even an EU Parliamentary commission studying a 100% digital payment system where for every purchase you’ll be deducted from your monthly carbon quota.

  • Carbon quotas will be lowered year after year to achieve extinction.

  • Kids are presumed guilty of generating a carbon footprint (the intolerable crime of breathing).

  • Parents’ quotas will be reduced by their children’s carbon footprint, to extinction levels (breeding crime).

  • The globalist rich will be able to buy carbon credit from the poor or Government auctions. 20

  • In their depopulation illogic, the best way to prevent “useless eaters” (as they call us) is by preventing their birth (not preventing their existence, because satanists need the abortion sacrifice to Satan); only the fittest (to their model) will be needed; thus only genetically screened and enhanced test tube babies will be promoted, the rest will be vanished like the 20 million Chinese heihaizi 21. The movie Gattaca came short.

  • Organs will be graciously exchanged for carbon credit. It will be considered a non-profit transaction although carbon credits will be more than money: power.

Their idea is to increase the cost of living to unbearable pain, so that it will be impossible to raise children.

Religions abused for Climate Action

1986 in Assisi in Italy, all the major conservation and environmental groups met with members of the five major religions.

2009 over 60 faith groups around the world developed long-term Faith Commitments on the environment as part of the Many Heavens One Earth programme initiated by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation.

2012 Second group of commitments launched in Nairobi, Kenya. Money is being poured down to bribe religious groups into the decarb agenda and promotes divesting fossil fuels, through, for example, Christian groups. 22

Also, they use the organization called “Global Catholic Climate Movement”, now, behind the “YouTube Originals” documentary, staging Pope Francis and promoting the lies of carbon global warming increasing the sea levels, being the leading cause for migration and “climate refugees”. 23

2Office for National Statistics (ONS), released 7 Month 2022, ONS website, statistical article, Excess mortality during heat-periods: 1 June to 31 August 2022

11 Fuso Nerini, F., Fawcett, T., et al. Personal carbon allowances revisited. 16 Aug 2021 Nature Sustainability 4, 1025–1031 (2021).

20“It doesn’t matter. Even the policy doesn’t change, as long as you have enough money to buy through, you can always have second or third kid.” Few rich parents could “pay the fine and register the birth (thereby lifting the restrictions which characterize the lives of heihaizi.)”


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