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Dear Care Home Manager 


You may be aware that the press recently leaked reports that the Government are considering making it mandatory for care workers to receive a Covid 19 vaccine. 


I wish to make clear that a large proportion of the UK public and indeed likely your own staff do not support this, and have already written to their MPs to state as such. 


All vaccines are pharmaceutical products that come with risks as well as benefits. As such it is a legal requirement that full informed consent MUST be obtained from each person before they are injected with any vaccine, including the Covid vaccine.   


To better explain this, I enclose a consent form drawn up by The UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA), which explains the process of full disclosure and highlights the risks and benefits of a Covid 19 vaccine. Please can I ask you to read this carefully? 


The leaflet outlines the requirements that are in place to protect individuals from coercion and unlawful infringement of body autonomy. 

Given these rights, following a mandate by the Government to attempt to force care workers to have a Covid 19 vaccine, would constitute an egregious breach of various pre existing domestic and international law, which enshrines and upholds body autonomy, such as, (but not limited to) The Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984, The Equality Act 2010, The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, the Supreme Court case of Montgonery V Lanarkshire Health Board 2015, and the Nuremberg Code. 


You may also wish to be aware that as an employer you could be personally liabile in tort for damages, if you enforce a mandatory vaccine program on your staff, and an employee is injured as a result. It would not be the Government that would be sued, it would be you, as you have duties to your employees. That you followed Government advice or diktat will not be a defence if an employee is injured or god forbid, dies, as a result of a policy you choose to adopt. 


I am sure you are aware that the Covid 19 vaccines have  received emergency approval only. This means that they have not been passed as safe or effective, as long term data is not available. The trials for the vaccines do not end until 2023, which means they are in fact in their experimental stage. This stage would normally involve animal subjects, but because of the emergency use authorisation, the trial subjects are instead human beings. 


As an employer you have a duty to protect the wellbeing of your employees, and I therefore ask you to stand with the majority of the UK population and put your voice to the refusal to allow mandatory Covid 19 vaccinations for your staff. 


You staff carry out a valued job in caring for some of the most vulnerable in society. It would be heartbreaking if many carers left the profession due to a mandatory Covid 19 vaccine policy, but even more heartbreaking if they stayed, and were forced into having the jab only to become ill or be injured. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will join with the many voices across the country opposing this proposed draconian and unethical breach of human rights. 


Yours sincerely,

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